Contemporary Romance

Review: Compelled

Compelled by D.B. Reynolds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An exciting, fast paced and blazing hot update on one of my favorite vampire-human couples!

“She and Raphael beat with one heart, dreamed with one soul”

Even the most powerful can be rendered helpless. Raphael, one of the most formidable vampires to ever roam the earth was taken prisoner by a cunning enemy a few months back. But underestimating Raphael’s human mate and lover is always a critical mistake. She’s not just beautiful, she’s smart, resourceful and fearless and with a little help from a friend and ex-lover she was able to free Raphael.


by a heartbreaking loss, sorcerer Nick Katsaros has been on a mission for over two millennia. Older than recorded history, he’s used to concealing not only his true identity but also intentions. By lending his friend Cyn the magical key that would unshackle Raphael, Nick no only reveals his true nature to her but also gains a favor in return.


Feeling utterly alone, Nick decides to collect his favor by having Cyn and consequently Raphael help him recover the enchanted manacles. He expected he would put Cyn in a difficult spot with the vampire lord but he never imagined it would put her in peril at the hands of a lunatic collector who intends to keep her.

“Nick,” she said impatiently. “What’s your problem with Raphael?”
“He has you.”

I started reading this series a while back when all I wanted was paranormal romance and D.B. Reynolds was probably one of the first author’s I ever stalked. She is to date, one of the few I keep reading because Vampires in America is a kick ass series. It’s really great how much excitement and sexiness is rolled into this novella. I especially loved getting to know the charming, confident, flirty Nick. I enjoyed the banter between him and Cyn but was heartbroken to see just how lonely Nick is. I really hope D.B. is planning to write a book about him.

The antagonism between Raphael and Nick goes beyond the bloody history between the two species, it was understandable because of their connection to Cyn, but it only helped to magnify Cyn and Raphael’s bond and sadly aggravate Nick’s solitude.

“I hate it when you talk to him.”
“I know. But I don’t know why. I’m yours, fang boy. You’re stuck with me.”
“My heart knows that, but my gut wants to kill every man who’s ever touched you.”
“Aw, that’s romantic…in a creepy, stalkerish sort of way.”

I don’t think getting more about Cyn and Raphael will ever get old, it just gets better and better. Besides the fact that they have crazy hot attraction between them, their bond is incredibly strong and it shows just how much they know and trust each other. It’s so awesome witnessing the big alpha vampire be proud of his woman and love and respect her all the more for it.

Compelled is novella 10.5 in the Vampires in America series by D.B. Reynolds. This could probably be read as a standalone but I would strongly advise against it. The reader should at the very least read book one in the series. This story is full of alpha male displays, delicious sexiness and an exciting plot. Told from Raphael, Cyn and Nick’s points of view. There’s no cheating and has a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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