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Review: Wicked Need

Wicked Need
Wicked Need by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wicked Need is a wickedly hot, sugary sweet and addictive story about self-discovery, hope and love.

After his knee injury, Rand Bishop had to hang up his skis, but not before achieving his dreams of Olympic gold. Though he can’t compete any more, his life is pretty good. He’s financially secure from his sponsorships and has two great jobs to pass the time. During the day he manages a tattoo shop and at night he’s the envy of many men fulfilling his and others fantasies at the secret sex club known as The Silo.

Catherine Lyons Vaughn though, is sitting on the other end of the luck spectrum. After years of letting her evil, perverse billionaire husband humiliate her she’s left with nothing, no roof over her head, no money for food, absolutely penniless after his demise. She could try to survive by going back to stripping in her home town of Las Vegas or she can accept help from Rand, her knight in tattooed armor, who is resolved in making her acknowledge her inner beauty, caring heart and the potential they have at a happy future together. Can she overcome years of neglect and abuse and believe?

Sawyer Bennett has once again skillfully written a supremely sexy story tempered by sweet romance and the heartbreaking backstory of its heroine. I was completely hooked by the unexpected plot and characters.

Cat has never known love of any kind. Not from her careless mother, much less from her abhorrent deceased husband which left her with no self-worth and a terribly bad image of herself. Despite her unfortunate circumstances, she’s a survivor, she’s strong with a caring heart. My heart ached for her each time she belittled herself and with each revelation she made to Rand.

“Well, I think we’re a little north of roommates, a little east of friendship, and probably a little south of f*ck buddies.”

Having briefly met Rand in very “carnal” way from the previous book, Wicked Lust, my knowledge of him was limited. I basically knew he indulged in sex as Fantasy Maker at The Silo and that during his time there he had been with Catherine on several occasions. I enjoyed filling in the blanks and adding depth to him. He’s a wonderfully caring and supportive man.

Actually Rand is so much more, he’s a nurturer and I loved how he listened to Cat without judgment and saw her inner beauty. He’s a self-proclaimed snuggler and ridiculously sexy, a delicious dichotomy. And since he’s pretty content with his life, he spends a good amount of time helping Cat with her in any way he can, from protecting her to helping her find herself, an absolute sweetheart of a man with mad bedroom skills.

“I might just live my life working by day, and sweetly f*cking Cat by night. We’ll eat, of course, for nourishment, but it sounds like a d@mn perfect life to me.”

While there are heartbreaking as well as sweet moments, there are also deliciously hot ones too although in The Silo’s periphery. Even though Cat and Rand did meet at the sex club the reason for staying away from it is fairly obvious as it was a place where Cat’s husband took her to be debased and arises very complicated feelings in her. Don’t get me wrong, Rand and Cat’s desire for each other is insatiable and there’s this very explicit M/M/f scene. So yes, there’s plenty of hotness that had steam coming out of my eReader.

Wicked Need is the third book in the Wicked Horse series by Sawyer Bennett. It is a standalone, full-length, erotic romance with sweltering hot explicit scenes (M/M/F), and sweet loving moments in its interesting plot. Told from both points of view, with a happy ending for the main couple and an intriguing prelude for the next book.

4.5 wickedly sexy and sugary sweet stars

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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