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After two years in a coma, August Kinkaid has forgotten the darkness in his past. But his past hasn’t forgotten him. His beautiful former fiancée, Everly, remembers every tumultuous moment of their stormy relationship. The sizzling passion. The web of lies. And the terrible secret Everly’s been hiding since her last fateful night with August.

Now the truth is out and August remembers everything. As his long-buried memories come flooding back, he begins to understand why Everly would want to move on with her life. Why she would give her heart to another man. And why August should try to forget her once and for all.

But he can’t give up on the only woman he’s ever loved. Even if he has to reopen old wounds–and face the darkest demons of his past–August will do whatever it takes for a second chance with Everly. He let her slip away once. He’s not about to spend the rest of his life remembering Everly when he could be holding her in his arms forever . . .

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Magnolia may have approached the causal looking amateur photographer that night in the bar, but this man sitting before her would always be her top preference.  The power-hungry, dominant type who could sweep her off her feet and give her the world.


The guy with the camera she’d dated for just a fun run and nothing to get too upset over. A bruised ego and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and she’d probably thrown me into the “What was I thinking” category.  Looking at me now, she saw something worth keeping.


Something worth fighting for, and that made me nervous.


Because there was nothing left of me to give.  I was an empty, broken shell.


“Well, I’m interested to discover the man you’ve become,” she said with a note of seduction in her voice.


I smiled darkly, hiding the pain in my voice and answered with a playful laugh. “I bet you are.”  As her met mine, a wisp of fiery red hair caught my attention and I turned.




Her eyes crashed into mine, and she froze mid-step.


In fear?  Disgust? Remorse?


God, she looked beautiful.


Look away August, look away.


It caused me physical pain to turn away from her.  To cast her aside as if she were nothing more than a momentary distraction, but I had to.  To do anything else would ruin everything.


Run, Everly, I silently pleaded.


It’s the finish I’d been waiting for, the slow anguish filled road towards an ending where love triumphs and “lots and lots of coffee” is included.

When we left August and Everly at the end of Forgetting August, they had heartbreakingly taken different paths in life. Even after all the bumps their relationship had endured due to lies and secrets, including but not limiting to the fact that August had been in a comma for two years and lost all his memories prior to waking up, they had fought for their love and seemed to be on the road to happy ever after land. But even though he couldn’t remember his past, it still came barreling into his present and ruining his chances at a happy future.

Once August’s evil, sociopathic business partner came into the picture, Everly immediately left thinking August would revert back to his old paranoid self. She ran right back into the arms of her ex-fianceé and decided to erase August from her life for good. Once his memories start to trickle back in, August not only lets her, he pushes her away because he thought he was protecting her.

Running from problems is never the solution though. Especially not when the heart, mind and soul long to be with their mate. Can August regain enough memories to help him slay his past? Can August and Everly find their way through so much drama and trust in each other once again?

I loved, Loved, LOVED Forgetting August and naturally I couldn’t wait to read its conclusion. Their story was so heart wrenchingly sad and still filled with love that it was impossible for me to phantom any other outcome but a happy ending for them. So I patiently awaited this book and truly got what I wanted and yet I’m having a bit of trouble rating this book.

J.L. Berg’s writing is fabulous, I’ve read several of her stories and love them because she’s brings out all the feels and I never hesitate to pick up a book from her. This story is no different, the characters are complex and well developed, the plot had me hooked, but this had all been established in the first book.

This second part mostly revolved around them struggling with the path they’d chosen in a seemingly hopeless and infinite loop of miscommunication all in the name of love. Though I enjoyed August’s memories coming back to him, and that he was determined to protect Everly even at the cost of losing her again and that Everly was resolute in finding herself, they were agonizingly slow in getting it together. Once they do though, it almost caused me whiplash from how fast things moved forward.

So basically what I’m trying to convey is that overall this is a wonderful story that brought many emotions to the surface, from incredibly swoon worthy moments from the gorgeous romance, to sweet smile inducing ones from the great banter between all the characters, to tear inducing ones from the sad heartbreaks this couple went through. But I also feel the story could have been told in a single book or a book and a novella.

Remembering Everly is book #2 in the Lost and Found duet by J.L. Berg. It is told from both points of view and ends with a happy ending. This is not a standalone book, it is strongly suggested that this book not be read as such and rather in order.


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About J.L. Berg

Author J.L. Berg is a California native living in the South. She is the author of the self-pubbed Ready series, which has sold over 100,000 copies. Married to her high school sweetheart. She and her husband have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she’s not writing, you can find her with her nose stuck in a romance book, in a yoga studio or devouring anything chocolate.

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