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Review: Forever Pucked

Forever Pucked
Forever Pucked by Helena Hunting
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Forever Pucked is infused with comedy, bursts of sweetness, a whole lot of hotness and a just the right amount of drama that kept me hooked. A delightful extension to the already incredibly amusing series.

Alex Waters is the real deal, the best. Not just the best NHL player. He’s a wonderful son, brother, the best hearts and flowers kind of fiancée with a beautiful mind to go along with his heart and totally fantastic in bed. So naturally Violet is in a hurry to marry him. Right? NOT!

Every time the subject about setting a wedding date comes up she gets hives. It has nothing to do with loving Alex and everything to do with their mother’s incisive meddling and that Violet had a super bad experience during her mother’s wedding.

Add to that the fact that she and Alex are having conflicts with their careers. Hers is just taking off and it’s interfering with her time spent with Alex while Alex’s pro-hockey one is at its pinnacle and he’s looking forward to start a family, a really big one. When an unforeseen accident shakes up their lives further, can they communicate and align their priorities in order for them to get over this bump and get Forever hitched?

I have been completely addicted to this series. All the characters and plots are funny, outrageous and sexy. What more could I ask for in a read? And I loved the idea of getting more of the couple who started it all with the Super MC and Beaver antics.

At first I thought this would be a short story or novella at most, but I was happily surprised that this is a full length novel starring these two charming characters with the equally delightful supporting characters and hopefully individuals from the next books in the series. Yes, I’m talking about Lance, Tash, Darren and Charlene. Together they gave the story an added layer of fun and sexiness.

Forever Pucked relates an all too common scenario in an insanely fun way. Two people who want to start their life together have some hurdles to overcome.

Even though he wants to take care of Violet, I love that Alex understands the importance of Vi’s job. He’s such a sweet, caring man, with the libido and stamina of a teenager. I also thought it commendable that Violet simply doesn’t want to lose herself and that keeping a job she loves and is good at should be part of the equation; and I liked that when push comes to shove they both reevaluate their priorities and find that they are perfect for one another.

Foverever Pucked is book #4 in the Pucked series. Helena Hunting’s cleverness and hilarity continue in this installment of her fun, erotic series with blazing hot and over the top moments full of swear words, sexual innuendo and euphemisms. It is told from both points of view, with a happy ending and could be read as a standalone but I strongly urge you to at least read book #1 in the series.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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