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Review: Hawke

Hawke by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An angsty, swoony and sensual second chance romance.

For the past seven years Hawke Therrien has worked hard to become a top defenseman in the NHL and he plays just as hard. But his seemingly perfect life is lacking the woman who at the beginning of his career cut him loose and irreparably shattered his heart without even bothering to tell him why. Now his stats have landed him in one of the best NHL teams there is, alongside Vale Campbell who vaguely resembles the untamed girl he fell in love with. Can he get her to reveal the reasons she pushed him away? Once the truth is out, can they move past it?

Vale Campbell had been a wild child alongside her four year boyfriend and love of her life Hawke. Until her unruliness caused her to come to a screeching halt and compelled her to go take the straight and narrow path which couldn’t include Hawke. Even though it had been the most difficult decision she’d ever made, she forced him out of her life without explanation. Forced by her father’s illness, she’s taken a job with the Cold Fury and has to face Hawke and her inescapable attraction to him. Can she open up to him to reveal why she pushed him away? Could he forgive, forget and love her again?

I really enjoy sweet alpha male characters and Hawke was definitely one of them. He had loved deeply, been burned and now even though he wanted to stay far away from Vale for fear of his heart, he just couldn’t because even though their love was young it was indelibly true. I also found it incredibly sweet of him that he just had to stand by his coaching idol.

Vale was another story completely though. Even though I sympathized with her in regards to her father’s illness, I really couldn’t get behind her. She made a rash and unilateral decision, without giving Hawke a reason and even lied to him. Granted her original mistake was made when he was young, immature and in a very emotional moment. What really bothered me was that she kept an irrational anger towards him for almost a decade and refused to tell him what happened, to communicate and talk through everything that had happened. Which didn’t make me part of team Vale.

Even though I pretty much guessed at the reason for their separation from the prologue and how in all the confusion and hurt feelings they miscommunicated and couldn’t work through their problem, the connection between them that comes naturally with second chances was strong, sexy and alluring. I also very satisfied with the end because I feel that at the tender age of 20 they were both too young for their relationship to survive and this way, they’ve lived and learned and will love that which they’ve fought so hard to find.

Hawke is the fifth book in the Cold Fury Hockey series by Sawyer Bennett. It’s a steamy and sweet second chance sports romance that can be read as a standalone with interconnecting characters from previous books. With no cliffhanger and a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *
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