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Review: Feels like Summertime

Feels like Summertime
Feels like Summertime by Tammy Falkner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just like its name, this is a beautifully warm, fun and sexy story wrapped up in an emotional packet that Feels like Summertime. Tammy Falkner has a gift for writing deeply emotional and engaging characters and plots that are guaranteed to please.

“To me, you feel like summertime. You feel like warm weather and sunny skies. You feel like the occasional storm, but they always pass, and they keep things interesting.”

Erick Jacobson’s life has hit a really rough patch. He’s been put on administrative leave from his NYPD job, his father has suffered a stroke and while taking care of him he’s run into the girl who two decades ago had his first kiss and stole his heart. Katie is now the mother of 3 kids with one more on the way. The best thing for Jake to do is take his new dog and save himself from the trouble and heartache that most assuredly comes with Katie. But even though she isn’t his to care for, he wants her to be. Can he stay as just friends with her?

Eighteen years ago Katie Higgins had one of the best summers ever when she met Jake. Their young love meant they were each other’s first kiss, first love. But when the summer ended and she left, their connection faded away and they both moved on. She’s come back to Lake Fisher to seek refuge with her three children. But even though she feels safe having Jake around and they both feel the attraction, she refuses to share her troubles, much less involve him in them. Can she keep him in the friend zone?

I love reading books by Tammy Falkner and this is a wonderfully fresh new standalone story that has all the elements that I have come to cherish in her books. There are all the family values that give you the warm fuzzies from a group of people who love and support without measure and of course also dish out awesome teasing that is guaranteed to make you smile and laugh. A good plot of course, very likeable characters and lots and lots of sweet and hilarious moments.

“Well, if I had a rack like that and nobody talked about them, I’d be sad. Just trying to keep up the morale here, Katie. Doing my job as a citizen of this great country.”
“If you start singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at my boobs, I’ll deck you.”
~ Jake and Katie

Both main characters are charming. Katie is a great mother with great big heart. Ok, so she got a bit hormonal at times, but she was eight months pregnant so she totally gets a pass. Jake is totally swoon worthy with his sexy, take charge attitude that includes taking care of Katie’s kids which made him irresistible.

“I didn’t want kids. But then I met yours…” His voice trails off. “And what did you think?” I hold my breath. “They were a part of you, so I had no choice but to love them at first sight.”

I really enjoyed how Katie and Jake reconnected. Second chance romances lean towards angst having to do with resolving old hurts between the main characters which wasn’t the case here. We get small flashbacks from the summer they shared when they were sixteen, which are totally funny and tender.

“That day when you fell in the lake, the first day we ever met… You didn’t pull me in with you… I jumped.”~ Katie to Jake

Even though there were things that both were keeping from each other which they didn’t reveal for the longest time and the changes that happened during the eighteen years they were a part, Katie and Jake’s easy relationship and their unquenchable spark picked up almost like they left off. Their young love was incredibly sweet but now as grownups they’re perfect for each other.

“Katie Stone,” I say, remembering to use her married last name, “do you remember when you jumped into the lake with me that first night we met?”
She smiles. “Vividly.”
“Well, this is me jumping in with you.”
~ Jake to Katie

I enjoyed all their sexy moments, their banter and how they made room for one another, the kids and even the boy dog who was named Sally and got his nails painted pink by Katie’s youngest daughter. Yes, of course I have to mention the dog and Jake’s cantankerous and really cool father as well as Katie’s parents. They meddled when needed in the most endearing and humorous ways.

“I took it upon myself to get you a date… You can thank me later” ~ Jake’s dad to Jake
“Pop is going to make a hell of a grandpa some day. What he lacks in patience, he makes up for in assholery, which can be endearing at times.”

A lot of things go on in this story which I’d love to share but would totally spoil you. Cameos people, there are cameos and other great twists! But what it boils down to is that this book made me laugh and cry, blush and swoon, and at times got me biting my nails while sitting at the edge of my seat. It has an easy flow and the perfect mixture of all the good contemporary romance stuff that brings forth beautiful emotions.

Feels like Summertime is a standalone, second chance contemporary romance. Told from both points of view with a great prologue and gushy sweet epilogue.


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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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