Review: The Boss: Book Four

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The Boss: Book Four
The Boss: Book Four by Cari Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absorbingly intriguing and seductive. The plot thickens and my addiction level has skyrocketed.

“She was fire and fun and warmth and life. I’d had none of those things for so long that I was starving.”

I’m so glad I could read these almost completely at once! I don’t think I could’ve stood the suspense and scorching heat between these two! As with the previous instalments in this serial, part four picks off where the last one left off, now told from Blake’s point of view.

“Her knowing eyes sparkled with their witchy secrets. Witches didn’t scare me. But Grace Copeland’s power over me fucking terrified me.”

In every volume I fall a bit more for the acerbic and ruthless man who’s used to being in complete control, except when it comes to Grace. With her, he is so passed obsessed he can’t even see he’s irrevocably in love. He’s cruising on The-Nile as if it were right in his back yard and I’m loving it because we also get to see there’s a vulnerability under all that control.

“Because she couldn’t want to just be with me. That wasn’t possible. There always had to be a set-up going on. A long con. That had been true in the past, hadn’t it?”

With each chip that falls from the ice fortress that surrounds Blake’s heart the mystery around him and Grace’s grandmother’s house keeps getting more interesting. I seriously can’t figure out where the authors are going with this, but I’m certainly enjoying the ride. Blake has drawn blood from intruders at the Marblehead house and suspects just about everyone around him including his supposedly best friend.

I smiled, helpless not to. That was the gift she gave me. No matter how fraught or fucked up our situation was, she gave me back the light. “You inspire me to new heights.”

To recap up to now there’s Blake’s long time passion and obsession, the incendiary attraction between them and an enigma waiting to be solved. Puzzle pieces are given, a picture is forming but there are still a lot of questions to be answered, new ones that have cropped up and of course there’s a maddening cliffhanger. I’m loving it!

This is the fourth volume of six in The Boss serial. It is a short read, told from the hero’s point of view with a cliffhanger. It is strongly advised that these be read in order.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the authors. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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