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Sweetest Chase, The
Sweetest Chase, The by Sharla Lovelace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No tornado, twister, thunderstorm or otherwise will compete with the drama and angst this story holds in its action packed, storm chasing confines.

“He faced down monster tornadoes and flying trees. He’d had an EF4 pick him up and drag him down the road like he was a toothpick. And what he was feeling for Quinn was infinitely scarier.”

Raised amongst wealth, etiquette and to conform to her mother’s standards, Quinn Parker is just a short month away from marrying a man who looks perfect on paper. It doesn’t matter that she hates everything her mother is planning. It shouldn’t matter that she has a decade long worth of repressed feelings for her best friend’s brother, because he’s only looked at her as a friend and co-worker. The die on her future has been cast and not even the world crashing around them can change it, or can it?

Storm-chasing is in Simon Chase’s blood. By night he reports the weather and by day he looks for the action in it. Just like his brothers, sister and Quinn, he loves going out there and witnessing firsthand the unforgiving power of nature. No storm however will compete with his feelings towards the very off-limits and engaged to another man Quinn. But when hidden emotions between the two come to the fore and the intensity of their attraction becomes almost palpable, can they find their way to each other amidst the maelstrom?

I confess that the first book I read from this author was because of her name. My geekyness made me think of the XIX century mathematician and writer Lady Ada Lovelace. Anyway, I had to pick up a Sharla L. book and I’ve been delighted ever since with her wonderful writing and drama filled exciting plots.

The Sweetest Chase continues following the lives of the close knit, storm chasing family who support each other through thick and thin. I met Quinn and Simon in the previous book and loved having them and all the gang back, including meeting the mysterious brother Levi and especially having the acerbic Granabelle and Miss Lou which offset all scenes with Quinn’s frustrating momzilla and her arrogant and clueless fiancée.

Contrast to the heart stopping, passionate ending, the intense buildup between Simon and Quinn has a more leisurely feel. We know that they have been friends for years and that they both harbor a secret to them, painfully obvious for the rest of the world attraction for each other. Their lives are headed in different directions though, so when the cat’s out of the bag, it takes them so much by surprise that we have to wait while for them figure it out amidst anger, guilt, confusion, avoidance and their own personal issued.

“Everything that had always just felt like a fantasy, a thought, a wish, a dream that was outside his reach and nothing that could ever be real, was suddenly live and in color. He had touched real. He’d kissed real, and she had kissed him back. Kissed him first.”

While Quinn’s confused and guilt ridden indecision between what is expected of her and what she wants maintained an angsty quality throughout most of the story and made me want to throttle her more than a few times for her lack of grit, there was a lot of excitement interweaved, especially the storm segments that were skillfully penned in a way that made me feel like I was right there in the thick of it. Besides the romance and storm chasing, I really like the human element included through Simon’s contact with the shelter and his desire to maintain a bond with his deceased father through it.

The Sweetest Chase is book #2 in the Heart of the Storm series by Sharla Lovelace. It is a full-length, friends to lovers with a love triangle, contemporary romance, told from both points of view with a happy ending. It’s full of edge of your seat excitement, drama and intense passion.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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