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Review: Losing an Edge

Losing an Edge
Losing an Edge by Catherine Gayle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Catherine Gayle is a wonderful fixture in my favorite author list. I know she’ll deliver smiles and sexiness wrapped up in a heartfelt, touching story.

Levi “501” Babcock can’t seem to find his footing in the NHL and he’s desperate to surpass Jamie, his super successful, super competent teammate and older brother. But exceeding his brother’s wake is not an easy feat and would settle for beating him at pin the tail on the donkey until he meets Canada’s darling, Olympic gold figure skating medalist Cadence Johnson, otherwise known as one of his other teammate’s younger sister. Can he convince himself and everyone else that he’s the perfect man for her?

He was so persistent, but without being pushy. I wasn’t sure what to do with him, but there was no denying I wanted to be around him.”

Cadence Johnson went to Portland to be with her brother, get away from her abusive ex-partner and ex-boyfriend and find a new beginning. She’s more than ready for a fresh start on many fronts except when it comes to dating, especially a man like Levi. Can she overcome her self-doubt and accept Levi’s advances especially when her past is still threatening her?

“She was the fuck-me-sideways-and-hang-me-up-wet kind of hot that always got me in trouble.”

Cadence and Levi’s courtship was measured but so sweet and sexy. Both Levi and Cadence have issues of their own. You would think that two people with problems such as theirs wouldn’t be good together much less good for each other, but they totally work.

“His hand kept brushing against mine, and then he curled his pinky finger around to lock with my pinky—not holding hands, exactly, but close.”

It was sad to see how Levi was so self-deprecating, how he just couldn’t see his own strengths and potential and suffered under his brother’s shadow. But despite his insecurities, Levi gently but firmly cracks Cadence’s walls. Mrs. Babcock has raised wonderful men, because both Jamie and Levi are hard on the outside when it’s called for and soft and sweet on the inside. Cadence was not the only one who couldn’t resist falling for this addictive man.

Abuse is a terrible thing to suffer from, especially when psychological because without the physical evidence the victim is often unaware of it until it’s too late. I felt so bad for what Cadence had gone through and the fear she still had. I couldn’t even bring myself to want to smack her over the head a couple of times because she simply didn’t see how much she’d been under her ex-boyfriends thumb. I was so glad that she and Levi found each other, she saw all his charming awesomeness, his kindness. And Levi proved just how a good a man he is.

“Levi was funny and patient, humble and outrageously kind.”

I loved having the gang from the previous books back. As always, the Portland Storm isn’t just a hockey team, it’s a family who affectionately takes care of their own. It was endearing to see Hammer championing Levi and the wives and girlfriends rallying around Cadence. I especially loved having Sophie (from Home Ice, book #7.5) as a huge part of the story, every scene she was in had me smiling like a loon and even a bit weepy. And I can’t not mention Connor, Cadence’s nephew, who was a total hoot.

“Daddy! We’re gonna feed the mother*cker to the agilators!”

Losing an Edge is book #8 in the Portland Storm series by author Catherine Gayle. This is a beautifully appealing romance that includes all the excitement of the NHL. This is standalone full length novel, told from alternating points of view with a happy ending.

“Play our way. Skate fast. Fight hard.”

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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