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Review: Just Give Me a Reason

Just Give Me a Reason
Just Give Me a Reason by Rebecca Rogers Maher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sexy, heartfelt story about a woman who doesn’t believe in marriage or long term commitments and the man who’ll make her rethink every she’s believed about lasting love.

“Unexpected desire leads to surprise beginnings.”

From the moment Tony Lopez laid eyes on the beautifully confident Beth, a passion like he’s never known before has awakened in him. It’s unfathomable and almost uncontrollable, and mostly hard to believe since he doesn’t ever recall feeling this way, not even for his ex-wife of fifteen years. There are many reasons getting involved with her is wrong: she’s pregnant with another man’s baby, she doesn’t believe in love, she’s his brother’s fiancée’s best friend. Mostly though, his failed marriage and on the verge of failing business has him doubting himself. But being forced to cohabitated alone in the same house for an entire week will not only make them get to know each other better, the attraction between will be hard to ignore.

Beth Cody knows from experience that love doesn’t last. That fathers cheat on their mothers and kids suffer as collateral damage. For that reason she’s never had a committed relationship and will put the breaks on as soon as there’s an inkling of building attachments. She’s happy that her baby’s father isn’t around but finds herself in the clutches of raging pregnancy hormones which only worsen with Tony’s mere presence. Tony’s appeal though, goes beyond sexy good looks, he’s kind, good, interesting and solid. Someone she could fall in love with if only she would take the chance.

I really liked Beth and Tony as separate characters as well as them together. Beth is a straight up, open and honest, strong and independent woman who knows herself, is not afraid to ask for what she wants and take it without playing games. Tony is incredibly adorable raising his two daughters, kind hearted and sweet. He’s a standup guy and to top it off incredibly attractive.

“I just want you to know… I’d really like to f*ck you.”
“May be if you just put it in a little.”
~ Beth to Tony

The exchanges between the two, from warmed looks to leisurely walks with the dog and domino games, were charged with intense chemistry, laugh out loud moment and flat out candor. But since the two recognized the complications between them and that attraction or not, they ultimately wanted different things and settled on being friends.

The slow build was deliciously angsty which also helped them form a stronger connection which lead them to see beyond their own comfort zones and build a relationship all their own. I really liked how they got along beyond the really sizzling sexy times and mostly how they helped each other and fit perfectly despite their initial differences.

“I never understood the term falling in love. It seemed stupid to me that you would lose control like that. That you wouldn’t fucking catch yourself.
But I see now how the ground shifts under you, how your own body leans into the slide. It’s not something you choose. It chooses you, and you fall.” ~Beth

I don’t remember recently reading a couple as unique as this in my recent books where the heroine is pregnant with another man’s baby which was a nice change of pace for me because so much of the story revolved around it. I especially liked that since Tony has already gone through two pregnancies with his ex-wife he knew how to help and be with Beth and oh wow when the baby came! I’m not going to spoil you but I loved that scene.

Just Give Me a Reason is book #2 in the Lopez Brothers series by author Rebecca Rogers Maher. This is a standalone short novel, told from alternating points of view with a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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