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Review: Christian

Christian by D.B. Reynolds

Dali’s review & rating: 4 of 5 stars

The attraction is instant, hot and scorching hot surrounded by an exciting paranormal where modern day vampire shoot outs cannot be ruled out.

Vampires keep what the win, and a new European player is set to conquering the recently up for grabs Southern American territory. But Christian Duvall is not the only one who’s set his sights on Texas, the vast and rich territory and more than that, on the smart and sexy forensic accountant that currently resides at the heart of it.

The powerful and alluring Christian must not only fight old and new enemies that have converged against him with treachery and a vast zombie vampire army, he must navigate the existing American vampire alliance and to top it off, his attraction and sense of protection and possessiveness also demands he fight for his number one enemy’s charmingly recalcitrant accountant Natalie Vivant Gaudet.

“I am always in charge, Natalie. Remember that in a few hours, when you’re screaming my name.”

Can Natalie show the aspiring Lord of the South that even though naïve to the vampire world, it is he she wants to be with and is willing to fight with everything she’s got to protect and stay with him?

I discovered and fell in love with D.B. Reynold’s Vampires in America a while back when all I wanted to read had to be fang related. With every book I learned that within the same world and having all badass alphas, each character’s story was unique, Christian and Natalie’s is no exception to this. Theirs was intensely instalovey fraught with another vampire’s desire to keep Natalie as his even against her will.

“The real Natalie was the one whose heart had been in her eyes when he’d touched her earlier, who’d been grantica to warn him about Anthony, even though they’d barely exchanged ten words before that.”

Besides having a very sure of himself, domineering personality, the French rake who was tamed by Natalie’s Southern charm, this story has all the elements of a good entertaining read. It has an elaborate plot where the bad guys come out from everywhere, there’s good banter between the characters sometimes featuring their sass and humor and others the seriousness of their situation tempered with very smexy times and of course all the cameos by awesome heroes and heroines from past books.

Raphael and Cyn or “Sin” have been my all-time favorite vampire couple in this series, but I especially loved having some extra time with Lana and Vincent who have continued to grow as a couple in this world of powerful vampires. Even though Christian and Natalie get their happy, the book is left with an intriguing cliffhanger regarding previous main character Sophia and her mate.

“Vincentt stepped into the room, his gaze tracked unerringly to the birthday girl. Lana Arnold, human, bounty hunter, the love of his life.”

Christian is book #10 in the Vampires in America series by D.B. Reynolds. This is a standalone full length paranormal romance novel, told from several points of view.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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