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Review: Unlovable

Unlovable by Cynthia St. Aubin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A funny, quirky, sexy fast paced read. Definitely caught me off guard and made me smile.

What do Cupid and Psyche, Crixus, a sexy hit man and an uptight virginal psychologist have in common? It all started with an obnoxious 3:45am phone call by a demigod that interrupted Matilda’s very salacious dream, followed by the same demigod thrusting a very disillusioned and disgruntled Cupid onto her couch demanding she counsel him or risk world instability.

After reluctantly accepting that these events are not a product of a mental breakdown, Matilda is kidnaped with Cupid as a stowaway by a Las Vegas hit man who claims has been sent to bring her back to pay the one million dollar debt she accumulated.

Can Matilda help Cupid find love while she convinces Liam, the attractive hit man, he’s got the wrong girl to pay such debt but the right one for a sexy fling?

“Liam Whatshisface,” I pointed from the half naked man to the creepy winged kind, “Cupid the love god. Cupid the love god, Liam Whatshisface. You’re both ruining my life, by the way, so you have plenty in common.”

The blurb for this novella caught my eye, it seemed wacky and fun and totally delivered. The fast flowing plot with crazy twists and sexual tension had me engaged while the crazier cast made me continuously smile and laugh. Starting with the more theory than practice virginal couple’s therapist, her extremely proper vocabulary and constant spewing analysis of the people she encounters is a total contrast to spontaneity.

“You’re being kidnapped at gun point, and you’re worried about me kissing you?”
“I was not worried about you kissing me. I’m being abducted by a stranger with a gun. The psychological pathology of a man who would do such a thing has far more troubling implications.”

Even the bad guys are funny and endearing. Well, I’m not sure Crixus or Liam could be considered bad guys, but Mr. Fathead to whom the debt was owed was quick to please. I don’t remember any Crixus in my Greek mythology, but his demanding and overconfident nature aligned with the demigod persona and added flavor to the story, especially after we learn about his method of travel.

Liam Whatshisface, though playing his role of a hit man to a tee with Matilda’s unrepentant kidnapping, through their journey together we learn he has cracks underneath his stoic armor giving both common ground and added incentive to their attraction and even with abounding hilarity and sexiness we still get key poignant moments between Liam and Matilda.

“You’re not like any woman I’ve ever met. You’re brilliant. Kind. Gentle. Beautiful… How does a woman like you go her whole life untouched?”

But my favorite character was Cupid, with his grumpy, obnoxiousness he still managed to charm his way into making me want to cheer him on. There was a lot going in this short read, and although I would have loved an extended version of this story it certainly wasn’t lacking in humor.

“You’ve taken my freedom, my sanity, my apartment, and my office. But you will not take my shampoo.”

Unlovable is the first novella in the Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist series by Cythia St. Augin. A quick paranormal read with wild antics, sexy moments and a happy ending… for some of the characters. Told from Matilda’s point of view. It can be read as a standalone.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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