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Review: Pucked Over

Pucked Over
Pucked Over by Helena Hunting

Dali’s review & rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hilarious, sweet, sizzling hot without missing the amusing dramatics. A wonderful continuation for the Pucked series.

Lily LeBlanc’s seven year relationship has had many ups and downs. Mostly of the down variety which have caused too much strain and then just snapped. She’s completely unfamiliar with casual dating, but certainly isn’t really for anything more. Inclined to give it a try she sets her sights on her best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend. Can she keep her feelings in check and things casual or will she get Pucked Over?

Randy Ballistic takes a lot after his father. He looks like him, he plays hockey like him – only better–, and he’s bad at relationships, so he doesn’t even try them. He acts according to his name and reputation on and off the ice. So when he quite literally barges in on the spirited and on the rebound Lily, he’s more than determined to be her rebound man. When things start to get too comfortable and serious, will they ignore his own emotions for fear of repeating history or will he take a chance on them?

Randy and Lily seemed like a complete odd couple. They are two very different people, with different backgrounds who live in different countries who are trying to make their intense attraction for each other work. So even though “different” was the common denominator, the connection between them was so much more than sexy, explosive, out of control in-every-bathroom sparks.

Yes of course there’s a lot of fun and sexy times happening!! You can’t read a term like “fur burger” within the first percent of a book and not laugh and wonder where the author is heading with this. I also truly enjoyed the character development where I got to know about Lily having to give up her Olympic dreams for lack of money because her hockey playing father was completely absent. And how Randy’s dad, also an ex-hockey player, failed to be faithful to his mother and thus breaking her heart and their family.

They’re both self-conscious about one thing or another which helped them bond further. Her sassiness was perfect for his magnetism. For all his player reputation, Randy was cluelessly sweet regarding his emotions toward Lily. He’s chivalrous, considerate and downright, endearing. There were many things I liked about Lily, but mostly I liked that after she didn’t lose herself while falling for Randy, rather she found her independence and footing.

I loved having characters from the past books. They were a constant source of amusement. Vi and Alex from Pucked, especially made everything more wacky and funnier with Vi’s total lack of filter.

“What going on with you and Horny Nut Sac?”
“Randy Balls.”

We also get some groundwork for hopefully a future Pucked book between Tash and Lance. Complete drama there I can’t wait to read with Helena’s comical sharpness. And raise your hand if you squeeed when she mentions Inked Armor and its resident badass tattoo artist Hayden? If you haven’t read THIS other series by Helena Hunting and love tortured heroes with amazingly touching stories I suggest get it now.

Helena Hunting’s wit and humor are evident in this funny, erotic story. Having as many raunchy, sizzling moments as crazy and amusing ones in this delectable romance. Pucked Over is book #3 in the Pucked series by Helena Hunting. This is a sexy, light, fun, full of swear words standalone book with a hockey background. It’s told from alternating point of view with a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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