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Review: The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On
The Heat Is On by Katie Rose

Dali’s review & rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sweet, endearing and sexy second chance romance with an exciting baseball backdrop.

Catcher Connor Jackson has dedicated his life to his career. Now that he’s planning on retiring his trade to the New Jersey Sonics is an ideal move to possibly close out with a World Series under his belt. But he has an ulterior more important motive he’s happy about the trade to his home town. Now he’ll be close to his first true love, the girl who got away, the one he could never get over. Despite all the time that’s gone by he’s determined to get her back.

Divorcee and mother of four Tracy Coleman has her plate full caring for her children but she’ll make time to go out with Connor. Picking up right where they left behind, it’s as if time hasn’t gone by. Their connection and attraction is even deeper and stronger than before. Except she’s having trouble telling Connor that she comes as a complicated package deal with her kids.

Who can resist a touching story with charming characters? I sure can’t! The Heat is On is exactly that with all its heartwarming and sexy moments as well as the exciting sports related ones.

Even though Connor is a successful athlete and confident man, I really liked him because there was this hint of vulnerability he showed in regards to Tracy. He wanted her back knowing she was divorced with probably a single child but not a hundred percent sure he could easily get her. He definitely didn’t expect her to have four kids, so it’s touching how he didn’t do a 180 and walk away. He worked through his fears and doubts and made the effort to convince Tracy to take chance on them.

Although I truly admired Tracy for her great parenting skills and love and dedication for her children, she did try my patience a bit with her lack of honesty about them with Connor, and afterward some decisions she took and considered regarding her relationship with him. But their love not only withstood the test of time but everything else that was thrown their way.

I really enjoyed all the time spent with Connor and Tracy, from their alone time where push and pull was fun and their spark was sizzling, to the moments with the kids where I could see both the strong protector and the tender father figure come out in Connor.

You can’t have a sports romance without sport action in it. Adding the American pastime to this romance with the characters from past books and hopefully new ones gives the main story an added layer I appreciated with the banter between these prankster teammates and I especially enjoyed at the thrilling and swoony end.

Too Hot to Handle is the fourth book in The Boys of Summer series by Katie Rose. Filled with the excitement of baseball and sweet sexy moments with a movie style happy ending. It can be read as a standalone with interconnecting characters from the previous book in the series. Told from both points of view.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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