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Review: Wicked Lust

Wicked Lust
Wicked Lust by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sinfully hot and decadently sexy, Sawyer Bennett delivers a witty and sizzling romance between a man that’s seen and done too much and a woman who’s brave enough to want to discover it all.

“Can you?” His head bends, brushing his lips against mine.
“Can I what?” My hands curl into his shirt, gripping hard as I feel my legs start to go weak.
“Can you love me?” Another whisper of his lips against mine.
“Yes… I can totally do that.”

Cain Bonham is an ex-marine, part-time cowboy and full time head of security at the Wicked Horse, an outwardly dance club with a secret very few know about. He’s every woman’s fantasy and if you’re a member of the exclusive sex club, he can give you any fantasy you desire. His job not only entails he protect Wicked Horse’s secret and its customers, but it enables him to be a fantasy provider.

Washington D.C. reporter, Sloane Preston, is a woman with a job and a mission. She not only wants justice and revenge on her mother’s behalf, she’s ordered to get the scoop on the Wicked Horse and its possible tie with the governor or his daughter by the political magazine she works for. She’s going undercover and is willing to use Cain to get in, after all it’s just a job. She never factored in that while he opened her eyes to his world, he would also open her heart to him. She’ll lose no matter what she does, but who will she decide to betray?

Having to overcome a huge debt left by his deceitful ex, Cain has no desire to have a relationship for longer than night and fills his time with every job he can get a hold of, from farm hand, to constructor to fantasy work, of course the latter is quite enjoyable. But the gorgeous Sloane hides a naughty streak behind her sweetly innocent veneer he can’t resist. However the secrets they harbor aren’t going away no matter how much they get caught up in their combustible chemistry, can their hearts overcome them?

I started this book cautiously detached after getting a first person account of Cain’s more interesting job duties. I was a lot shocked and little bit disturbed while reading the epilogue for Wicked Fall (book #1 in the Wicked Horse series) when Cain is requested as a fantasy maker to act out a decidedly violent fantasy for a couple celebrating a wedding anniversary.

This not only pushed my limits it also made me doubt I could like reading about a man that willingly made this a part of his life and reveled in it. I’m sorry I judged… to each his own, consenting adults and all that. The good news is that I’ve also read a lot of Sawyer Bennett books, loved all of them and know she always delivers an engaging, smooth flowing , fast paced story with wonderful characters and I’m really glad a jumped into Cain and Sloane’s book.

Besides the incredibly well executed eroticism and suspenseful story, I liked the witty banter between Cain and Sloan and how their relationship flourished. He pushed and she pushed right back. I also really enjoyed how they helped each other in their mutual emotional and sexual self-discovery.

It’s really appealing when writers fully commit to the genre they’re writing. Sawyer Bennett knows how to write sexy on a normal basis, and these erotic novels are scorching hot. I love that she doesn’t shy away from writing debased kinky fuckery in her erotic romances most likely knowing she’s going to surprise more than a few readers.

While the story was bookended with a brow raising prologue and an introduction to the next couple in the series in the epilogue (as opposed to a hearts and flowers with the current hero and heroine) I can’t wait to read her next story in this series and the build up to read about the decidedly intriguing Briger is making me feel his story will be of epic proportions.

Wicked Lust is the second book in the Wicked Horse series by Sawyer Bennett. It is a standalone, full-length, erotic romance filled with wickedly hot explicit scenes (female with multiple male partners, voyeurism, exhibitionism), and sweet tender moments. Told from both points of view, with a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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