Contemporary Romance

Review: Committed

Committed by Taryn Elliott

Dali’s review & rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sexy hot Rock Star model? Check. Talented and equally sexy Violin Girl? Check. Explosive chemistry between them? Check. Resolved Commitment for forever? We’ll see…

Simon and Margo’s relationship has never been easy or typical. Even though incredible attraction and deep love has never been a problem, they’re still insecure about where they stand in each other’s lives for the long run.

Simon has been facing too many uncertainties and an uphill battle regarding his singing career, but he’s crystal clear when it comes to Margo. She’s IT for him and wants her always, but can he convince her to a bind herself to him forever?

Margo has never felt more alive than when she’s with Simon and it’s not just the amazing pull between them. She’s able to do what she’s meant to, that is to create magnificent music with him and his band. But her family has left long reaching scars that keep her from jumping in fully with Simon. Can she put that aside and believe enough in him, in them to take the next step into a forever kind of commitment?

I’ve really enjoyed how this series has developed, getting to know each character in this awesome rock band and see them grow, find themselves and fall in love has been a great adventure. With beautifully written words, each has a unique story. Simon and Margo’s is no different. With the added bonus that I have this incredible vivid image of Simon based on the authors’ inspiration for him. I can picture him perfectly in each and every scene.

Simon hadn’t just been “Super Slut” the fun loving, easy going hunk. He’d forever been THE voice of his band. Now he’s having difficulty progressing and struggling with a host of insecurities, but mostly with the fact that Margo won’t fully commit to them.

Margo has sad background of her own that she hasn’t shared with Simon and is at the core of her uncertainties. But through Oblivion, Margo has made some wonderful friends, including Lila. The group’s sometimes tyrannical manager with a hidden soft heart who helps Margo face her fears and push her to make to choices needed for relationship to fully bloom.

Committed is novella 3.7 in the Lost in Oblivion series by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott. I don’t recommend this be read as a standalone. It is the third part of Simon and Margo’s story, so at the very least you should read Destroyed and Consumed before reading this Committed to fully enjoy their story. Told from both points of view, filled with hot sexy times and an exciting happy ending that both satisfies and leaves me wanting more of this incredible Rock Star family.

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Genres: New Adult, Contemporary erotic-romance.
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