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Catch Me
Catch Me

Catch Me by Jennifer Probst
Dali’s review & rating: 4 of 5 stars

A deliciously sweet and hot erotic novella with light dominance and submission.

Rick Steele shouldn’t have difficulty finding company of the female variety. But after he broke off his relationship with his deceitful fiancée, he’s focused on his career and put dating on the backburner. Until a friend convinces him to arrange a date through a very exclusive and private organization that will only call him if they find his perfect match. Unconvinced but decided to follow through he’s shocked by his physical and emotional response to Tara. Can he convince her to give him more than one night? Can he Catch her for forever?

It surprised him that her marks made him want her more, to replace the horror with memories of pleasure. “He was a bastard, Tara. But no one will ever hurt you again. Close your eyes and relax. Enjoy my touch.”

Tara Denton had fallen prisoner to man who scarred her emotionally and physically. She found the will and strength to escape though, and has almost completely regained her freedom. She’s only looking for a man and one night to help her get back her body. Even though a Thor-like domineering man like Rick is the last thing she imagined for a date, what she finds with him is more than sexual freedom. The connection they forge goes straight to her heart. But Tara doesn’t ever want jump into another relationship, much less after just one night.

“Trust was implicit in a good relationship, and he used to pride himself on his ability to sniff out a liar a mile away. He lost his confidence in his own abilities, just like Tara lost her trust.”

The pull between Rick and Tara is instant and intense. The matchmaking agency did more than pair two people looking for a casual night of sexual fulfilment. Over the course of incredibly steamy hours, they share more of each other than they could’ve imagined, building trust and affection through tenderness and provocatively tender touches.

“This man gave his heart and soul without holding back.”
“Tara held the soul of a giver, and a man would be safe giving her his trust.”

I loved how Rick’s natural tendency to protect helps Tara see that her scars are indication of her survival. I enjoyed how he was patient, supportive and tender yet demanding, how he understood her need for space and gave it to her. I felt for Tara’s past, but admired her strength as much as Rick did, and love how she in turn helps Rick heal the wounds cause by betrayal.

“Tara Denton had wrecked his world. He’d never been with a woman who gave him such an honest, open surrender.”

Being that Catch Me is classified as an erotic novella the sexy factor is a given. But I would like to mention that it hardly feels like one because Jennifer Probst balances both the steam and emotional marvelously.

Catch Me is novella #1 in Steele Brothers series by Jennifer Probst. Told from both point of view and a happy ending. It can be read as a standalone.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via Inkslinger Promotions. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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