Review: Fighting the Fall

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Fighting the Fall
Fighting the Fall by Jennifer Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jennifer Snow doesn’t pull any punches with her steamy, sexy romance about a strong silent fighter and a beautiful, fun, flirty Hollywood star who go head to head for a match of the heart.

He released her wrist and grabbed her hips with both hands, pulling her roughly toward him. “Why is it that you’re the last thing I need right now, but the only f*cking thing I want?”

Parker Hamilton’s once brilliant childhood acting career has been deteriorating since before her break up with one of tinsel town’s most popular directors. Raised by her formaly Hollywood darling grandmother, she’s determined to succeed and has found a small independent gem of a film which she has faith will grant her the comeback she needs. There are just a few glitches. She’s not prepared for the female lead’s role as an MMA fighter and the man she knows can help her train for it refuses to even let her in his gym.

Fighting was his life. Being the best, defending his light-heavyweight title and living up to his father’s legacy and expectations should be Tyson Reed’s only goal. Relationships were distractions, he’d never had one and probably never would. He has no time for the enticing curves and confident sexuality Parker brings much less for the problems his brother’s reappearance have brought. It seems though, that training Parker is the only way he can afford to help his brother. He will Fight the Fall of his heart, but in the end, will he even want to?

I loved this opposites attract novel. Tyson and Parker come from very different worlds. He was a very private, rough around the edges alpha-male who felt he was only as good as his title belt. She was all smiles and on constant diets being raised with a twisted sense of self-worth, believing she was only as good as her looks. They both had more than their scorching attraction in common though. Both were strong and determined, and held their careers as top priority and neither thought to have time or space for anything or anyone else, because both had also lived in the shadows of their mentors.

Even though they start out on opposite sides, literally because Tyson had her training with another fighter, it was only a matter of time before they got tangled in more than a session of grappling techniques.

I could understand his reluctance and wanting to protect himself, but there were still a couple of times I wanted to strangle Tyson for fighting his feelings for her. Especially when his tender actions said much more than hollow words while they gave so much happiness to each other.

“He made her feel more loved, cherished, and admired than anyone ever had without saying the words.”
“If he could learn to trust that being with her didn’t mean giving up everything else he cared about, the goals he worked so hard to achieve for himself and his family, that being with someone only made everything else that much better.”

But Parker effectively breaks down his walls, discovering how well they complement each other. It was deliciously sweet watching them fall.

“He was so private and closed off, it only made her want to get closer, peel back the layers . . . and the clothing”

Fighting the Fall is book #2 in the Beyond the Cage series by Jennifer Snow. It’s an action packed MMA romance, that’s sensual and touching. Told from both point of view with charming secondary characters and a happy ending. It can be read as a standalone.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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