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Review: Reclaim Me

Reclaim Me
Reclaim Me by Ann Marie Walker
Dali’s review & rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sexy hot and exciting end to the sizzling whirlwind second chance romance trilogy. Through good times and bad the love and chemistry between the main characters only intensifies.

“I promise to be your lover and your companion, your greatest fan and your most challenging adversary… And to communicate truthfully and fearlessly.”

When we last left Allie and Hudson, Alessandra hast just learned about a cover-up that Hudson had kept secret and could ruin him and his brother Nick, from a man she would rather never see again. Her violent and disgruntled ex-fiancée, Julian Laurent, feels he’s owed Ingram Media and he’s put into motion a nefarious plan to take over and own not just Allie but the entire Sinclair legacy.

After hearing Julian’s shocking revelations and under duress Allie leaves Hudson. Will she let Hudson believe the ruse and lose everything, including the only man she’s ever loved to protect him or will she trust in him and work as team to fight for their happy ever after?

“Whatever it is, I can protect you.”
She looked up at him through tear-filled eyes. “No, you don’t understand. I’m the one who’s protecting you.”

Hudson Chase hasn’t achieved success by mere chance. He’s a determined and ruthless man who’s willing to go the distance to attain his goals. Losing the woman he’s loved since forever is not an option. But he has secrets that he knows could destroy him, and he never thought they’ve be the obstacles he’d have face to have Alessandra Sinclair by his side or that they could put her in danger. How much is he willing to risk for her? For them? For forever?

A wonderful end to this heart-stopping trilogy. Reclaim Me starts right where Release Me ends with all the threats and danger that go along with the extortion and secrets that the hero and heroine where exposed to at the end of Release Me leaving us in a shocking cliffhanger.

I was hesitant to find out how they would tackle this complication, fearing they would try to foolishly handle it separately in the name of protecting each other. But it was all for naught, because Allie and Hudson unite in an unbreakable bond.

Even with the menace hanging over them and their time to break free of Julian’s hold running out they plot and manage to find time for themselves resulting in even more romance, scorching sexiness and mouthwatering sweetness than before. From cooked meals by Mr. Chase himself, to quick trysts in lonely offices, to secret incredibly romantic weekend getaways at the lake. We get to know what haunted Hudson’s dreams, they commit totally and absolutely to each other, without reservations, and I enjoyed every single swoony minute of it.

“Strip for me,” Hudson ordered from somewhere in the shadows. His voice held that hard authoritative edge that never failed to send a jolt of pleasure straight to her core. “I want to see what’s mine.”

I won’t delve into the plot any further so as to not spoil you. So I’ll skip right over to how much I loved Hudson. A professed anti-romantic that goes deliciously gooey over Allie. The way he cherishes and takes care of her is enough for any girl to go ga-ga over. Add to that his alpha caveman tendencies and the delectable image the authors have given us for his physical attributes and Allie wasn’t the only goner for the Tempting Tycon.

“You’re my f*cking world, Allie. The air I breathe. You are the love of my life. You were ten years ago, you were now, and you always will be. Forever.”

And let’s not forget about the incredible attraction and hot stolen moments these two had. No place was off limits and not even the fact that they had to hide their relationship would deter them.

“How was that?” he asked, pressing a soft kiss to her lips.
“Amazing.” She leand her head against his shoulder and a quiet giggle escaped her lips. “Adventurous, Arousing… Awesome.”

I also enjoyed the time Hudson spent with Nick, and Allie spent with her BFF Harper and Harley, the Yorkie adopted by Nick who brought out the cute crabby side out of Hudson. I hope we get at least a novella about these two charming secondary characters.

Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers did an incredible job of writing and exciting and sexy romance series. Reclaim Me is book #3 in the Chasing Fire trilogy. It’s told from both points of view. The story has a happy ending and I advise you read these books in order.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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