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Review: Friction

Friction by Sawyer Bennett
Dali’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another provocatively passionate and seductively sexy page turner by Sawyer Bennett. I can’t believe I hadn’t read any of her Legal Romances but I’m rectifying that error ASAP.

From the very start of her career, Leary Michaels wanted to make a difference in the lives of individuals, not large corporations, to help the downtrodden get a fair shot. Mentored by the famous recluse Midge Payne to use all the tools at her disposal, including to hone in on her feminine charms, she’s climbed the ladder at Knight & Payne. After five years of bringing justice to 100% of her clients, she’s banking on her skills and reputation to help with the most important and personal case she’s ever worked on. She will allow nothing to get in her way of success. What she didn’t foresee was the equally capable and seductive defense lawyer she’ll be up against.

“Make men notice you, and when you’ve fogged their senses with lust, slap them with your brains.”

Reeve Holloway is struck speechless when he first lays eyes on the most self-assured, confident and fiercely sensual woman he’s ever met. He quickly regroups showing Leary he’s not a man to be trifled with. The playing field is irrelevant, whether it be the bedroom or the courtroom. Whatever her game is he’s up to the challenge and them some. Even if it’s totally forbidden because they are opposing counsel and they’re both out to win. But what will it cost them? Are they willing to risk everything for love?

“You, Leary Michaels, have no idea the beat you’ve awoken with you antics. You’ve invited me to come out and play, and now I’m ready to play.”

Being a Sawyer Bennett book I anticipated I would enjoy it, but it surpassed my expectations. Friction has a perfect mix between explosive sexiness, sweet romance and human morality with a judicial backdrop. It’s like a sultry and alluring Law and Order episode with a side of quick wit and sass.
Standing on opposite corners doesn’t diminish the fact that Reeve and Leary are a perfect match. Leary doesn’t just wield girl power, she’s the proud president of the club. She’s a self-possessed and secure woman with a passion for her job and clients which I was very appealing.

“You’re a tough nut to crack, but he definitely looks like the type of guy that could totally crack you.”

Reeve is strong and smart with a touch of sexy cockiness, but he’s also calm and mature and above all a very loving, good hearted man. I very much enjoyed how didn’t just stimulate her sexually but also intellectually and emotionally.

“Everything about her became important to me. Every touch from her, every sound out of her mouth, every nuance of her day. It all became mine. I possessed her and she consumed me.”

Initially Reeve and Leary determine that they can handle having a sexual relationship without it affecting their professional lives. Between elevator semi striptease, playing footsie during depositions and other sexy shenanigans behind smoked up walls, their attraction lit up the pages. But the more time they spend together and got to know one another the more they realized how truly perfect they were for each other and how deep their feelings actually ran because given their situation they were in, they would soon find out just how much they were willing to risk for love.

I’m going to bet on love prevailing.

Sawyer Bennett is a master at writing fun, sweetly seductive and sizzling hot romances. Reeve and Leary create sparks right from the start, with an incredible sexual byplay that assists in building a deep relationship. I also appreciated that while there was a passionate romance building in the forefront, there was also a heartfelt mater developing in the background.

Friction is a standalone Legal Affairs full length novel. Full of fervor and heart. Told from both points of view, with a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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