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Review: The Heat of the Moment

The Heat of the Moment
The Heat of the Moment by Katie Rose
Dali’s review and rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sweet and sexy lighthearted romance.

For Jessica, being one of the guys comes naturally since she grew up with four older brothers. As physical therapist for a professional baseball team, understanding sports and its psychology is equally easy with all her brothers growing up to be professional athletes. As a woman, she’s gone down the road of dating a pro-ball player and found it’s a heartbreakingly disappointing road and sworn never to go out with professionals. So why is she compelled to take the risk once more after she meets her incredibly handsome client, the newly acquired New Jersey’s Sonics heavy hitter?

“You make me feel like… there’s hope. That this will happen. I will get well, fin in here, and make a place for myself. And eventually, be right back to knocking it out of the park.”

Gavin thought he had everything he wanted. A promising career and future with an elite baseball club and gorgeous girlfriend who hung on his arm. But after a serious knee injury he finds out his team isn’t willing to bet on him and neither is his soon to be ex-girlfriend. After being traded to the Sonics he finds himself struggling to accept his new reality with a team of jokesters while trying to rehabilitate his knee, get back to playing form and keep his distance from his alluring physical therapist. Can he convince Jessica into taking a chance on them?

“I very much want to see her, to treat her the way she deserves… Your sister can be a little stubborn. She has decided that she won’t date another ballplayer. I intend to change all that.”

This is a great weekend read. I loved the excitement of reading about America’s national pastime coupled with the vested interest I had with the characters.

“I just got caught up in the heat of the moment.”

I really liked Gavin, he’s a charismatic, alpha male with romantic streak and hidden vulnerability given his current condition. You can’t get any sexier than that, even when his plans for wooing Jessica include giving beautiful flowers she’s allergic to and dinner plans turn soggy. I also liked Jessica, her honesty and her tomboyishness very much, except a couple of times when she acted a bit immaturely. But I found that I was enjoying the plot and her behavior didn’t hinder hers and Gavin’s relationship.

“Jessica Hart was her own person. She had a job that she was good at, helped other people, contributed. A purpose-driven life.”

The attraction between Gavin and Jessica was intense and instant. But I liked their push-pull and how they became friends first because of Jessica’s reservations towards professional athletes and Gavin’s unavailability.

I love a good sports romance, especially one with an attractive, thoughtful and charming hitter. The Heat of The Moment is the third book in The Boys of Summer series by Katie Rose. Filled with the thrill of baseball and tender and hot moments with a happy ending. It can be read as a standalone with interconnecting characters from the previous book in the series. No cheating.

* I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review from Netgalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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