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Review: Consumed

Consumed by Taryn Elliott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hot, hot, HOT! This is a sweet – did I mention scorchingly hot? – story with touching undertones about introspection, learning to take the good with the bad and discovering love.

“The soft look in her eyes was disarming and made his gut cramp. Was that what love looked like?”

Possibly losing your livelihood is an alarming thought, especially if it’s your own fault. Doing it spectacularly in front of your band mates and fans is even worse. And now Oblivion’s front man, Simon Kagan, is left with no other option than to take a break, heal and deal with the consequences. At least for now, he has Margo by his side, but how long will she stay especially when she realizes he’s not worthy?

“She was so frigging beautiful. It was the kind of beautiful that stole breath and made a man wonder if he was worthy. Good thing he knew he wasn’t. And that was just too bad. He was keeping her anyway.”

Margo Reece has always lived according to her parents controlled design. Until she’s asked to collaborate with Oblivion. While she discovers how her sound blends with theirs and how wonderful it feels to create her own music, she also finds love in the most unexpected person. But can she continue to be Simon’s rock when her own life seems so unstable? Will love take hold when it’s always been such an elusive concept for both of them?

“He sealed their lips and breathed her in. Honeysuckle and ocean and cocoa butter. And his. Undeniably his. He wanted to take all of it back with him, protect it like the Hope-fucking-diamond. Protect it like he hadn’t protected his voice. Cherish it like he’d never cherished anything before.”

Consumed starts right where Destroyed left off after Simon needs emergency vocal chord surgery and his future and that of his band seems uncertain. Margo is determined to be by his side and committed to help him recover, going as far as making a deal with her parents in exchange for access to their St. John residence.

And though Margo and Simon’s start of their relationship consisted of stolen heady moments in Destroyed (book #3 in the series), they made up for it while spending close to two weeks in the secluded virgin island.

“Simon’s dark edges were just as addicting as the glimmers of that boyish, teasing side that had just started to peek out between them. The way he looked at her like she was beautiful and precious. He made her want to believe it. He made her want more…”

Since Simon wasn’t allowed to speak or even make sounds, they found other ways of communicating and enjoying their time together in very erotic, intense and sultry ways. But there’s also a lot of time reflection and soul-searching. Some of which leads to scary depressing thoughts of his future. Margo isn’t far behind with her hazy plans. But one thing is for certain, together, they feel they can conquer the world.

“How could she not have seen it wasn’t just the sex that took her over? It was also the absolute trust she handed him… The trust that had been blooming out of love. From the music that had connected them first, and now to the physical and emotional pieces that fit together like she’d been made for him.”

When they get back to reality, the entire band is there to support them while continuing with their own lives and expanding families.

“There was much b!tch!ng about swollen ankles, boobs, and the inability to get out of chairs without assistance. Hovering husbands, formerly known as a guitar god and a demon bass player, had lost their manhood.

But Simon and Margo realize they have options and life isn’t so intimidating. Especially now that they’ve found each other.

“Say my name.”
His lips twitched. “Which one?”
She smiled. “Your favorite.”
“Violin Girl?”

She tipped her chin up, her lips spreading into a wider smile. “Oh, yeah.”

I have been fascinated with Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott’s beautiful writing since reading the prequel to this series. I love the way they describe everything from landscapes, to concerts, to love scenes with such vivid and lyrical ways that instantly spark my imagination and make me feel as if I were right there experiencing everything they depict.

I’ve also fallen in love with each and every character in this series which is full of drama and angst, but mostly filled with love and music. I’m sure there are still hard times ahead but together they “find a special kind of magic,” and I can’t wait to see where their road to happiness takes me.

Consumed is novella 3.5 in the Lost in Oblivion series by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott. It should not be read as standalone. It is the second part of Simon and Margo’s story, so at the very least you should read Destroyed before reading this Consumed. Told from both points of view, filled with incredible beaches and lots of hot sexy times with a happy ending that will give fans like me, a satisfying look at their favorite rock stars.

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Genres: New Adult, Contemporary erotic-romance.

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