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Falling Under
Falling Under by Lauren Dane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A satisfyingly swoony, sultry slow burn.

“You’re not my anything. You’re my everything.”

Twisted Steel, the custom build automotive shop Duke Bradshaw co-owns, needs a new office manager and Duke knows his neighbor is the perfect candidate. The problem is, this redhead has also featured in his fantasies for long time now. Can he keep his attraction in check in order to avoid possible work related problems in the future or will he risk it and cross the boss-employee line?

“She seemed to float into my life, and once she touched down, the roots grew very deep very fast. I wasn’t expecting love. Knocked me on my @ss.”

When her sexy biker and neighbor walks up to her house, the last thing Carmella Rossi expected was a job offer she couldn’t refuse. She should lock up the craving she’s had for the man for years now that she’s working for him but it’s an impossible task. She also knows love is a fantasy so she shouldn’t be risking her heart. Can his caring and understanding break down her walls? ►♫

“ He made her lose her head. Did something to the filters she’d kept in place so long to protect herself. Devastated every single defense until all that was left was the heart of her, exposed to him.”

I met Duke Bradshaw in Opening Up, book one in the Ink & Chrome series, and loved the “charming flirt” on the spot. He’s usually mellow but he also likes to play with fast cars and play hard in bareknuckle fights which might project a bad boy person.

“I’ll see you tonight. Since you’ll be looking at hoe men, I expect you’ll find me.”

Mostly, he’s a cool dude who gladly listens to people and readily gives advice if needed. He’s loyal and caring with the people he calls family. He’s attentive and perceptive, with the “heart of a protector” which only added to his sexiness. He’s simply a good man. But to the jaded Carmella, this is akin to a unicorn playing in the back yard with her dog Ginger.

“I’m worth it.” He bent to kiss her, resting his forehead against hers afterward. “Let me in a little.”

Carmella is a wonderful character I wanted to befriend just like PJ did. She’s a hard worker, a trustworthy person who loves her mother fiercely to the point of absurdity. She’s fierce yet vulnerable, smart and easygoing. Life has dealt her a fair share of bad hands, especially in the men department, starting with her ex-con father and thief ex-husband. So I understood her hesitance towards trusting Duke.

“He needed to seduce the trust out of his skittish redhead. Slowly and surely… there was something in her life – past or present – that had left some deep scars.”

Amazingly hot, brilliant sparks flew between Duke and Carmella right from the start though. But their romance was a slow burn I think mostly due to Carmella’s trust issues Duke has to practically pry from her and Duke’s general laid-back attitude. But once the deeper connection is made, I loved how Duke is persistent but not pushy, how he doesn’t let her hide from him and slowly does away with the walls that surround her.

There was enough outside drama to go around, so I really liked how they worked at having a solid, mature, open and honest, lasting relationship without unnecessary drama of their own. These two are a great couple that suit each perfectly. I love how Duke sees her and she understands him like no other.

“She was so beautiful. All her flaws and broken parts caught the light and made her a diamond.”
“What else in life could measure up to someone who accepted the darkest parts of you and wanted more?”

I really enjoy Lauren Dane’s story telling. She writes a captivating story with attractive characters that make me turn page after page with its swoon worthy allure.

“Should I be afraid of what you’ll do when we’re alone next? … That look of yours usually spells really delicious trouble for me.”
“… I thought it was pretty obvious that I always have delicious trouble waiting for you.”

Falling Under is book #2 in the Ink and Chrome series by Lauren Dane. It is a standalone, full-length, romance filled with scorching hot scenes, family drama and lots of fun and swoon worthy moments. Told from both points of view, with a happy ending.

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* I was graciously given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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