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Chasing Fire #2
Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers
Releasing July 21st, 2015

The second in the “seriously sexy and sinfully steamy”* Chasing Fire series, about a pain too deep to forgive and a passion too hot to forget…

Alessandra Sinclair knows that Hudson Chase is the last man she should want. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks has grown into a man who would do anything to get ahead, even if it means breaking Allie’s heart. But whenever she’s near him, the attraction between them is undeniable. And now that they’re working together, keeping her distance from Hudson is almost as impossible as keeping her feelings in check…

Hudson already lost Allie once and he refuses to lose her again. He’s determined to use their new business partnership to rekindle the spark he knows is still there. Only the closer he gets to winning her over, the clearer it becomes there are still secrets that could tear them apart for good…

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Hudson Chase and Alessandra Sinclair’s tumultuous story continues in this book about pain, lust and love full of erotic imagery and decadently sexiness.

Alessandra has decided to take control of her life, no longer feeling obligated to her family. But a horrible tragedy has forced her to work jointly with the only man she’s ever loved. The same man that shattered her heart and broke her trust. The boy with whom she connected with a decade ago and has grown to into an undeniably attractive man who’s impossible to ignore. Especially when he’s determined to get her back. Can Allie find a way to forgive him?

“I hate you,” she whispered…
“You wish you did,” he rasped in her earthen tugged the lobe between his teeth…
“Bastard,” she breathed.
“I know, baby, I know.” His mouth slanted over hers.

For Hudson Chase, losing Allie once was bad enough, losing her twice is unbearable torture. But sad circumstances will give him the opportunity to start anew and ignite the love and passion he’s certain they both share. How much is he willing to open up to Allie before his past threatens to forever keep them apart?

“He felt like he was leaving his godd@mn f*cking heart with her. She was the only woman that gave it another function other than beating behind his rib cabe.”

Release Me starts right where Remind Me ended. Although Allie has found the courage go against her parents’ wishes ending her engagement with Julian, she’s also feeling extremely hurt by Hudson’s actions that seem he was using her to expand his empire. Add insult to injury, her world has tilted on its axis. While longing to have Hudson’s strong arms support her, sadly she con only count on her BFF, Harper.

But Hudson is equally upset if not more so by Allie’s absence. Without her in his bed his nightmares have return. His only comforts being having his brother successfully out of rehab and being able to interact, even if by force, with Allie. Giving him the opportunity to get her back and keeping her for good.

“I’ll never let you go … Never.”

It took time and Harper’s tough love for Allie to let her defenses down enough to hear Hudson out and understand he is in much in love with her as she is with him. But once she did, there was not stopping the almost visible that existed between them to explode. And with their deep connection and newfound freedom to be open, it was even more powerful and definitely more fun than before. They couldn’t get enough of each other and didn’t hesitate to get their sexy time anytime and anywhere.

“In front of her, the finale began. One explosion after the other filling the night sky with a kaleidoscope of color. She leaned her head against Hudson’s shoulder, surrendering to the rhythm of his unrelenting fingers.”

I loved all the romance and passion, but I also enjoyed all the domestic and even goofy time Hudson and Allie had together and with Nick and Harper. I adored their resolution to go forward, start fresh and make new memories together. And I enjoyed their teasing banter as well as their dirty talk, well, mostly Hudson’s dirty mouth. But there was also so much sweetness to them for us to enjoy.

“I knew you wanted the chocolate mousse cake.”
“I’d rather have you.”
“Are you sure I wouldn’t be a close second? I know how much you feel about chocolate, Alessandra.”
“A tie, perhaps. So how about a compromise – you, covered in chocolate mousse?”

Even when he did open up a bit to Allie, I wish we could have gotten more of Hudson’s mysterious and dark past. I felt Hudson’s inner turmoil, guilt and suffering and wished Allie could find a way to heal him fully from his demons.

“As he stared at her he saw hope flicker in their depths, igniting her to move forward and create new memories. Memories with him in it. Just like that, Allie had located the crack in the foundation of his hardened heart, the tiny fissure that allowed her to squeeze her way past his dark memories that were the antithesis of a Normal Rockwell painting.”

As much as they try to cocoon themselves in a perfect bubble of their own making, the world keeps going round and there are still unresolved issues surrounding them and plotting against them. And with so many secrets still between them, and new ones foolishly in my opinion created by Allie, the book ends with an angsty cliffhanger.

I anxiously await for the third and final installment of this series hoping that Allie and Hudson can swiftly and productively find a way to communicate and not jump to silly conclusions so we can enjoy more of their incredible love.

Release Me is book #2 in the Chasing Fire trilogy by Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers. It’s written from both points of view. The story has a cliffhanger.

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Though thousands of miles apart, Ann
Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers are in constant contact, plotting story lines
and chatting about their love of alpha males, lemon drop martinis and British
supermodel, David Gandy. You can find them on twitter as @AnnMarie_Walker and
Amy K. Rogers


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