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Home Ice
Home Ice by Catherine Gayle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An uplifting story that’s guaranteed to pull at your heart strings, produce big smiles and happy tears. It’s not just about hockey and romance, it’s about a little girl who wouldn’t settle and did what most would have thought impossible.

Everyone who’s played with or for Mattias “Bergy” Bergstrom knows he’s tough, surly and crusty. But he always leaves this front aside and is all smiles for his sister Linnea who has Down syndrome. With her living on the other side of the world though, his peers have never seen this side of him until Sophie decides to jump in Levi “501” Babcock’s arms.

“If I wasn’t careful, she was going to bring out some emotion in me that I’d kept locked away for a very long time.”

Paige Calhoun is a single mom with four teenage hormone-riddled daughters. Keeping the four of them in check is a challenge, especially when taking them out to a hockey event where they come face to face with the object of their obsession. Her youngest Sophie, born with a heart of gold, the sweetest smile and Down syndrome, also has a single-minded determination to claim him.

Instantly delighted by Sophie who reminds him so much of his sister, Bergy decides to intervene by giving Paige and her daughters the royal treatment never intending to find happiness for himself. But the love and support this family gave was exactly what he needed but didn’t know to look for.

“That was a panty-melting smile if ever there was one. Poof! My panties might as well be gone. Which meant my brain had already all but disappeared.”

Home Ice features the Storm’s head coach Mattias Bergstrom and Paige Calhoun. He’s older but still a drop dead sexy, good and patient man with a gooey side and she’s a fun character, totally devoted mother. They weren’t just drawn to each other, they were good for one another.

The romance was wonderful. Besides their attraction, right from the start Mattias and Paige understood each other. They were an easy fit, with great heady flirtation and deep connection.

“Tell me what it is you love to do, Paige.”
I didn’t even pause to think. Before I could stop myself, I said, “To look at you.”

But I’ll be completely honest, Sophie totally stole the show for me. Perhaps it’s because I know a child or two with incredible smiles like hers who have accomplished so much with their lives.

“You convince your mom to let me kiss her after our date tomorrow, and I’ll find a way to make it happen. I’ll help you learn to skate and play hockey.”
“I didn’t care how many of them had seen my smiles. I didn’t give a damn who had noticed the cracks in my armor. All I wanted to do was make one of Sophie’s dreams come true.”

I loved getting glimpses of Levi Babcock as well as some of the other guys from the Portland Storm team who will surely grace the next books in the series. And it was also a delight knowing more about the lives of some of the previous characters.

One of the things I love the most about Catherine’s writing is that she doesn’t settle with giving us sweet and sexy romance, and sports excitement. She has an amazing talent of writing about real life matters that will surely touch your soul.

Home Ice is a novella #7.5 in the Portland Storm series. It can be read as a standalone with interconnecting characters from previous books. With no cliffhanger and a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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