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Beat by Vi Keeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s sexy, sweet, angsty and impossible to ignore with a blurb that hints at all sorts of deliciousness with a “dimpled smile of a boy, hard body of a man, sings like an angel, fucks like the devil.” Beat is everything I expected in a rock star romance.

Lucky is living every girl’s fantasy. She’s dating Easy Ryder’s front man. The very man she’s been infatuated with since the day she first saw him perform live at her father’s bar when she was a teen. But when she meets Flynn Beckham, she slowly discovers the true meaning of falling in love and having her own shining star that lights up her life.

“You’ve been inside me since the day we met. It’s time I return the favor. Only I’m going to be much more literal.”

Flynn Beckham should be thrilled. He’s going back on tour, playing to sold-out stadiums, absorbing the crowd’s energy and then he can go backstage and take advantage of all the rock star perks. But all he’s interested in is the music and getting to know more about his voice coach. The only problem is that Lucky may be on tour helping him with vocal exercises, but she’s also in his same bus sharing the lead singer’s room.

Who will Lucky choose, her teenage crush or the man who makes her smile deep and true? Will Lucky and Flynn cross the line from friends to lovers?

“I think it needs one more verse. Another sonnet for the last set of connections.”
“I’m ready. What line are we writing about crossing today?”
“Friends and lovers.”

I am normally not a love triangle reader. Mainly because of the angst and that one person comes out hurt. But I loved the cover, I was instantly drawn in by the blurb and after being forewarned about what to expect I jumped into this great read and came out not just loving the story but also the author’s style.

Vi Keeland’s writing is has a gripping quality that pulled me into the lives of the characters. From the very preface and how Lucky and Flynn meet, I was engaged in the story and stayed absorbed in it until the very sweet and happy end.

“His voice is seduction in the form of sound, and it flows from him with the ease of a pro.”

Flynn is the perfect book boyfriend. I feel like anyone who gets to know him will fall in love with him. He’s the complete package that constantly made me swoon. He’s beautifully sexy, he’s incredibly talented without being affected by it, he’s thoughtful and supportive, endearing with a lovely heart and I melted at the way he saw her.

“Watching her is like watching a butterfly. It’s beautiful on the outside, its wings decorated with color that captures your eye, but it’s the way the butterfly flutters around, always seemingly out of reach, that makes you follow it with your eyes.”

I liked Lucky’s sass. And even when I wanted to shout that she should dump the not so nice or awesome Dylan, or when I felt she could handle situations in a more mature way, it was ingratiating how we slowly got to know her, her fears and see how she finally realized what she really wanted.

I love how from their first meeting, sparks fly between Flynn and Lucky. The flirting was great and I enjoyed how they get to know each other in such a deep way, how their friendship slowly grew. Their performances, both the official and non-official presentations – yes there were Disney’s Frozen singing going on – were awesomely sweetly, hot or just plain spectacular.

“Earrings, rings, leather tied around his wrists, tatted skin, scruff on his face, hair a sexy mess – and sings Disney songs to his niece. The inside of this man may just be as beautiful as the outside.”

It was great that the rock band aspect of the story wasn’t just adornment to the plot but an integral part of it. Beyond the performances, I thoroughly enjoyed how Lucky and Flynn collaborated and connected while song writing. The tension and scorching chemistry between them made me melt. They complemented each other perfectly and pretty soon lines that once were clearly drawn began to blur.

“There is something so comforting about the way he looks at me… It makes me feel like he really wants to hear whatever I have to say – like each conversation is a layer he peels back, yet his goal isn’t to strip me bare. Instead, he leaves me feeling blanketed.”

As I mentioned or as you can surmise by the blurb, this book has a love triangle. Both Lucky and Flynn fought their attraction. Flynn also had personal experience of what cheating can do to a relationship so he wasn’t willing to put someone else or himself in an unavoidably difficult situation.

“I should walk away, not even go near the temptation. But living life without temptation is like having a heart that doesn’t bet. And I’m a musician. I need a good strong beat.”

Despite their best intentions, their connection was inevitable and only grew stronger the more time they spent together, even when they wanted to deny it. It also put them in strenuous circumstances which due to lack a communication became stressful. But the heart wants what the heart wants and it’s impossible to fight against that. And truth be told and without going into detail, I did not suffer much for Dylan.

I’m so glad I decided to give this book a chance. Not only did I love the romance which was angsty, steamy and adorably sweet, but I also added a wonderful author to my list.

Beat has a wonderful pace that had me glued to it from start to finish. It is written from both points of view so we get the different sides of the story and can better connect with both the main characters. The story can is a standalone with a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via The Rock Stars of Romance. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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