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Remind Me
Remind Me by Ann Marie Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A smoking-hot, sultry romance. The attraction between the main characters is irresistible and explosive as they reignite the love and desire they found in each other ten years ago.

Alessandra Sinclair was born to privilege. Heiress to her family’s media empire it has been instilled into her that her family obligations are her only duties. But when the boy who she fell in love with during a summer a decade ago blows into town he completely changes all the rules. And the man that went from rags to riches won’t give her up for a second time, not even if she’s engaged to another man. Can Allie make her own happiness her priority and risk everything she’s known to take what she wants?

A lot has changed in ten years. He once thought he wasn’t good enough for her, but Hudson Chase has been building his own empire. There’s nothing he can’t have and now he will stop at nothing to get the girl that broke his heart. Will his past and secrets destroy his chance?

I loved how the book’s blurb hinted at a second chance romance and forbidden passion all rolled into one. Hudson and Allie met and fell for each other when they were teens. But being afraid of what her parents might think of a ‘thug’ like Hudson, she kept their relationship a secret and ignored him at the end of their summer together. Something she’s regretted dearly.

Now that he’s older, wiser and richer, Hudson won’t back down, he won’t be kept her dirty secret and he certainly won’t play second fiddle to Allie’s fiancée. He’s relentless in his pursuit and Allie is powerless to resist the connection that goes deeper the physical.

Even though he initially came off as an arrogant jerk, with the dedication “for David Gandy, a face to laugh a thousand… book,” it was impossible for me not to have all sorts of naughty thought at every mention of this man in the book. But I also understood how he would look to protect his shattered heart. He’s been forged into a hard, cutthroat and rough business man. But when he’s near or around Allie his control is all but annihilated and once they clear the air he’s thoughtful, sweet, caring and yes of course sexy as only a take charge alpha like him can be.

I was a bit disappointed in Alessandra at first. Even though it was apparent that she wasn’t 100% happy or fulfilled with her family obligations or the fact that they were pushing her down the aisle towards a man that barely seemed to care about her, she was still playing along. She wasn’t just shackled by her duty to her parents, she was prisoner to her own blindness, which included her lack of good taste concerning her fiancée.

But reopening the doors to the past and being the sole object of the attention of an incredibly passionate man made her feel more alive than she ever had and helped her finally recognize she can take control of her own life and happiness. Of course it would be difficult not to feel so much with all the scorching hot, wildfire like sexy moments.

Even though there are many sweet moments, it took a while for their back story to be known and for them to verbally express their feelings for each other. So it also took a while for me to fully feel connected with their love and not just experience their explosive chemistry.

Their story is left unfinished and I can’t wait for the next part of their story to continue. Remind Me is book #1 in the Chasing Fire trilogy by Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers. It’s written from both points of view. The story has a cliffhanger.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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