BADASS, By Linda Barlow and Alana Albertson. Review

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Badass. Amazon link:

badass coverA sexy romance combined with witty banter and a hot SEAL! (the human kind) 

Lately I have been lazy with my reviews. Life happened and my reading has become less frequent. This makes me sad, but also has made me selective and more demanding with my dose of romances… Maybe actively seeking romance myself, has turned me into a realist, fairy tale crusher…. HA!

This book was one of those hard, fast and to the point reads. Why?  The words flow and the characters draw you in. Cassie, a regular girl who is a marine biologist, loves seals (the animal kind) and such love made her stumble upon Shane, a hot, badass jerk who takes an opportunity in order to “have” a one night stand with her.

These two were not supposed to see each other again, even though Cassie wanted to. He was a SEAL, he went away, never called and why would he. He was not into relationships whatsoever. Too bad both of them thought of each other often and too bad, several months later they learn that their parents are getting married.

One blackmailed road trip to Cabo later…. sparks fly and love blooms.

I won’t delve deeper, there is no need to. If you want a sexy, hot read with a badass hero, an adorable heroine, and have a few laughs in the process with their scorching banter… go for it. It’s a steal with a SEAL!!!

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