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Review: MerMadmen

MerMadmen by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A riveting, fast pace, smoking-hot romance that will leave you wanting more of this fresh twist on an old tail… I mean tale (get it? No? OK, I’ll leave the jokes to the professionals).

“Oh, for God’s sake, Roen! Stop with the Superman crap!”
“Not Superman. Mer. Man… Superman is fictional. Mermen are real.”

Roen Doren is used to facing difficulty. But the island of El Corazón is doing her best to make his life impossible. He’s already given up just about everything to protect the woman he loves from the nightmarish fate that befalls all women that visit the island. He’s determined to embrace his destiny and lead the barbaric mermen without fins and protect the island. But will the changes he intends to make be accepted? Can he find a way to free his people and have everything he wants?

“We fight. We love. And we die. But we are never allowed to live.”

Even knowing she left her heart behind on that retched island, Live Stratton never intended to go back. But she’s been kidnaped and is bound towards El Corazón once again. Her first time there, she had been shipwrecked and rescued by a man who many thought to be cold and heartless. She saw beyond his walls and he saved her but ordered her to forget everything that had happened including him. An impossible feat. And now that she’s on her way back, will he come to her rescue once more?

Can these two soul mates solve the mystery of the island of El Corazón and find a way to be together? Or will they put the good of the many ahead of themselves?

“Becoming leader of this place had been his calling, but Liv had been his destiny.”

MerMadmen, the second book in the Mermen trilogy, picks up right after Mimi left off with the same gripping excitement. I loved going back to El Corazón, getting more information about her and the mer-inhabitants, both men and maids. Trying to figure out what made her tick and coming one step further to solving this amazing puzzle was definitely eye-popping entertaining. I laughed, swooned, fanned my girly parts and was thrilled from start to finish.

I really enjoyed the impact Liv and Roen had on each other. If I liked Roen in the first book, I adored him in this one. His determination to protect Liv and his people was absolutely endearing and proved he’s not the unfeeling man everyone thought him to be. We got to see all his sides, “domineering and sensual, sweet and prickly.”

“That first day they’d met, she’s reached inside him and illuminated his soul with the simple act of opening her beautiful brown eyes and gazing right through the scar tissue. ‘You’re the most misjudged man I’ve ever met,’ she’d said.”

Liv completely won me over with her funny, sassy glibness. She’s strong and still didn’t let anyone push her around. I loved her nerdyness, her empathy towards women, her worry about her family and her faith and sure confident feelings towards Roen. And of course I loved the searing sexual tension that builds up between them.

“Her feelings for Roen, from the first moment they’d met, had defied all logic. It was like a fire in her heart and soul she couldn’t put out.”

The Rock Star of cliffies pulled another “I didn’t see this one coming” and I loved it! A lot of the questions from the past book were answered, but there are new others. I don’t want to give away any details and recommend you dive right into this new, smart, exciting paranormal world that demands attention.
MerMadmen is book 2 in the Mermen trilogy that cannot be read as a standalone. It’s strongly advised to read these books in order. It’s written from both points of view, and has a cliffhanger.

Some merman-lingo: MerManly charms. A merman would find a piranha cute. Mermaid-chow. Mer-machismo. Mer-chickens of the sea. Ocean-Neanderthal. Merman National Library. A home was a merman’s castle. Mer-lust.

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