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Be My Hero
Be My Hero by Linda Kage
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Be my Hero is beautiful and magical modern day fairy tale. Except that the male hero is pierced and tatted and the female heroine started out as a spoiled brat.

“My Tinker Bell. My soul mate.”

Eva was born into wealth but not into a caring, loving family. Eva’s youth is a sad, heartbreaking one that shapes her view of men and the way she decided to relate with them. Which is only through meaningless encounters that will help her escape her home life.

Patrick ‘Pick’ Jason Ryan was left to the foster care system from birth to adulthood. He’s had a less than ideal upbringing but has always had a big heart and a fierce sense of protecting the weak. In his early teens he knew the world to be a difficult place when there’s no one and nothing you can count on.

He was resigned to have a short dismissal life, but was shown glimpses of an ideally happy future complete with a beautifully manicured lawn, his loving soul mate Tinker Bell and a family worth fighting for.

It’s been ten years since those sights filled him with hope and renewed his determination to become a good man. But there’s been no sight of his Tinker Bell and his long time foster care friend Tristy and her son need help.
On the day Pick decides to marry Tristy to assist her extend his health insurance plan, the very lovely Eva walks into his life sporting an adorable baby bump and a Tinker Bell shirt.

Wait what? He’s married and she’s pregnant? That’s not how fairytales go! But Pick and Eva do start a relationship that allows them to get to know and support each other. And with each passing day their feelings also grow and hope blooms anew. Can they actually overcome the obstacles that are blatantly in front of them and get that seemingly elusive happily ever after together?

Like any good fairy tale, this story has a wicked bad stepfather, a foreseeing witch, seven awesome friends, the best tatted-pierced prince charming and a very cool princess.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the two prologues to the two epilogues. It was filled with laughs, smiles swoony sexy romance, with a good dose of drama and heartbreak. I really like Linda’s writing, finding a great balance between incredibly hot men, impossible to resist chemistry and heart touching emotions. I felt like I was getting a huge book hug from this read.

“Once I’m inside you, you’re mine, I’m yours, and we are together. There will be no friendship and mild dating. It’s going to be all or nothing.”

I fell hard and instantly for the characters in this book. And my fall wasn’t limited to the hero and heroine, I fell for all of the good ones. Linda Kage writes the best heroes who are easy to love. Pick is an honorable alpha male who is fiercely protective and sexy. He may look rough on the outside but inside lives a stunningly tender soul. How can you not love a man that is so caring, sweet and giving?

“Could anyone honestly be so thoughtful, sweet, flirty, and too hot for his own tattoos? Pick Ryan was too good to be true.”

It’s a bit more difficult for me to like heroines. But I just loved Eva. Knowing her back story my heart broker for her and I could understand why she built a protective shell around her excluding all men. But those walls didn’t keep her from wanting to defend and love for her unborn baby and her cousin.

Even though she had every reason to not trust men, she slowly found out that not all men are evil. I loved how she shed her selfish covering and her caring heart started to extend to others ►♫. And how found her hero in Pick, and be his as well.

“Did you take some kind of aphrodisiac?” Sweat beaded to my brow as I tried to catch my breath. “You’re my only drug,” ►♫

I love the close knit group of friends Linda has created. They’re like a great big family formed by all kinds of quirky personalities that fit perfectly together. Their dynamic brought a barrel of laughs and loving support. I can’t wait to read more of.

Be my Hero is book 3 in the Forbidden Men series that can be read as a standalone. It’s written from both points of view and interconnecting characters from past books. I recommend it for readers that like magically delicious romances with happy endings.

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