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Since Drew
Since Drew by J. Nathan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An unputdownable page turner. A gripping story from the start, that kept my attention with its wonderful writing, flirty, sexy banter, heart breaking moments and a plot I did not see coming.

“Without strife, there’d be no push to persevere. And without perseverance, there’d be no joy in success.”

It’s a story about remorse and learning to put it behind you. It’s about forgiveness of self and others. It’s about hopes and aspirations and how to fight for them.

Andi Parker has a goal she’s worked hard to attain and it’s almost within her reach. A spot on the US Olympic track is less than a day away. While jogging along the coast the night before her qualifier, a car accident puts her in the hospital crushing her dream, leaving her future uncertain.

“This was the moment. The moment I realized everything I’d worked for my entire life had just been ripped away from me.”

Drew Slater is a star quarter back, in line to go pro. His family, alleged friends, everyone around him anticipates it. But no one has bothered to ask if it’s what he wants.

Andi and Drew’s lives collide in an unpredicted way. Entwining their paths in ways they never could have imagined. Forcing them to face a future neither were expecting.

J. Nathan did an incredible job of capturing my attention with a shocking prologue, engaging banter between the characters, a plot with interesting twists, heart touching moments and an amazingly elating epilogue. The book is fast paced with beautiful descriptions and writing that flows effortlessly.

I really liked Andi. I felt so much for her when she realized how much the accident had cost her. But I loved her feistiness and admired her determination, wit and bravery. Even when faced with shattered dreams, she was a fighter. I loved that she didn’t put up with foolishness, how she chipped away at Drew’s angry walls and how she never gave up on what she wanted.

“I was a fighter. A devastated fighter, but a fighter nonetheless.”

I fell for Drew in all his facets. The cocky and playful one with the quick wit,

“If waking up next to a hot guy constitutes nightmare for you, I guess there’s a first time for everything.”

the broody and rude one,

“You were trying to be encouraging?”
He fought a smile. “Maybe.”
“Wow. That’s quite a stretch from an asshole.”

He snickered. “Oh, I can be that, too.”

and his sweet, remorseful yet determined to fight for Andi side. I felt terrible for the lack of support and love in his life and sympathized that he couldn’t trust anyone, until Andi.

I loved how these two fell into such an easy sweet, sultry back and forth. There are so many quotes I highlighted and I wish I could share. I enjoyed how they complemented each other so well. He filled her life with his soothing presence and his difficult but cocky self. And she gave him hope, peace of mind and inspiration to do what he truly wanted.

“Our laughter mixed with the melody of rain pelting the ocean’s surface. I threw back my head and closed my eyes as Drew spun me around.”

I really don’t want to say more about the plot though, because I don’t want to give anything away. You’ll just have to jump into this amazing story. I do need to mention the great secondary characters whose book is up next and I can’t wait to read.

This is a standalone book, told from the heroine’s point of view.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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