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Review: The Love Trials 1

The Love Trials 1
The Love Trials 1 by J.S. Cooper
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

A very grabbing prologue

“I want to make you mine.”

with a story that fell short. This first instalment of The Love Trials serial simply wasn’t to my taste and I even found it a bit disturbing.

I wanted something short to read. This was on a friend’s TBR and blurb seemed interesting so I gave it a go. What the blurb failed to mention is that this is about a clueless, barely legal, fresh out of high school, virgin who “falls in love” with Hunter, one of her teachers, and blindly follows him to his second job. Which is as a sex teacher in the very philanthropic Lovers’ Academy. Yes, the owner is very concerned helping young women with their future.

“Why are you bringing girls here for free to teach them to seduce men? What do you get from it?”
“The pleasure of knowing that I made a difference.”

If I had the money I think I would make a difference in a sports or musical program. But that’s just me.

Before Nancy arrives to her weekend training at the academy, which I might add she sneaks off to without telling her parents or friends, she meets Amber and Shannon, who will be her new “classmates.” I wonder what the women that fought for equality and women’s liberation would think about Amber’s aspirations?

“I came because I want hot sex to get me a powerful man on Wall Street. I want to live in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue and I want a summer home in the Hamptons… And sex will get me that.”

Nancy also meets and is attracted Jaxon. Prince uncharming and the academy’s owner. Once at her destination she finds out her “love and soul mate” will be another girl’s sex tutor, that he doesn’t recognize her, and that Jaxon has never taught but has decided to be Nancy’s teacher.

I think the plot wouldn’t have rubbed me the wrong way if Nancy was an older woman simply looking to satisfy her curiosity, instead of an incredibly naïve and “silly little girl” who is way in over her head.

Because the writing is good and the plot is intriguing. It being a serial ended in a cliffhanger that left me perversely curious when Nancy accidentally overhears Jaxon conspiring with his father against her.

Truthfully I hope I can find a review with spoilers for the next installments or locate some good reviews where my issues are addressed so I can decide whether or not to continue reading this serial. I do have several of J.S. Cooper’s books on my TBR which will now look at more carefully and bump at least one to the top of my list to get a better feel for her writing.

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