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Review: Cage

Cage by Harper Sloan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

Sloan sure knows how to deliver fiery, wild and sexy and this Corps Security series promises to give us a whole lot more of it.
There are so many great ingredients in this book, starting off with Melissa, who it a strong, self assured nurse, taking care of her mother and nephew after tragedy struck her family. She is no shrinking violet and goes head to head with the most cocky and handsome, alpha male she’s ever met.

I loved Cohen, his cape, ninjas and wieners, his interactions with Cage were heart-melting. Sway and his glitter throwing enthusiasm was golden. All the gang is back with teasing of future relations. But I feel it lacked in its delivery.

The book starts with an explicit scene between Cage and Mandy which put me in a not so great frame of mind. Mandy? Yeah, who’s Mandy? Well, you’ll see. Cage is no angel, but I think his past relationships should have been implicit, because his treatment of Mandy (whether she deserved it or not) gave me a completely different picture of him from the past sweet and protective big brother type. He not only uses women for his convenience, he’s a jerk about it. Enter Meli with her take no prisoners attitude and I would’ve been golden, but my mood was already set.

While most of the book was spicy hot and sweet, I wasn’t convinced of the way Cage handled the situation at the end. I would have preferred more solidarity and teamwork between the Corps Security boys as opposed to him taking matters into his own hands. I know it really got dark there, but I feel their emotional connection is just mentioned as a past thing and not actively nourished. This is incidental, but it irks me that a group of men working in security seem to have a lot of important matters slip through the gaps.

I do have to admin (you can call me crazy) that I read the book in a couple of sittings and it was not because it’s a short read by any means. But because besides having a good pace, I also wanted to know how Cage and Meli’s progressed and changed them (especially Cage). And this is probably a guilty pleasure I have no trouble admitting, but I’m really looking forward to the next book! Like I said, great elements.

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