Contemporary Romance

Review: Blind Faith

Blind Faith
Blind Faith by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 super stars!!!

These books are so awesome, I can’t begin to think about the way I will manage to wait a year for the next installment!.
An intriguing ARC!, riveting, inventive and original plotline! Action packed, sweet, swoony and oh so sexy!

This is Nate’s story, and it delivers!!! It was everything I was expecting and more! Flawless writing (as expected), the flow of narrative and thoughts were balanced and the alternate POV’s had a natural flow, no over-thoughts,… just perfect!!

It is difficult to write a review when you have a story that is back to back full with suspense, action and intrigue. I fear of giving away spoilers, ruin the plot or just mess up with guesses. Therefore, I will not provide a summary, I will not say what the story is about, nothing!!! Here me out, and I already said this in previous reviews: Dive into these books BLIND! Don’t read spoilers or reviews, the conspiracy and suspense angle is amazing and it continues from book to book, it has a main ARC so the stories can’t be read as standalones! Things just keep getting better and better and I see a MIND BLOWING climatic, anguishing and nerve-wracking resolution coming on the fourth book.. OMG!

What I can say is that, Nate and Audrey were awesome, meant for each other and shared a profound love. The Dean boys sure know how to love; it’s the emotion that has been keeping them human, afloat and full of hope. Audrey was a great heroine, I understood her decisions and made peace with her past; she chooses well in the end.

The Dean family is growing! And Grandpa Jim was the freaking bomb! I loved him as a character and I believe he will be an adorable and highly needed father figure in this picture! I suspect everyone will fall in love with him!!!

I highly recommend these books!!! They are now on my top favorites list!

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