Review: Alpha

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

I have mixed feelings here…. Up until the 50% mark the book was going well… a bit cheesy on the dialogues but… doing well. Insanely tantalizing and hot!!! I was totally hooked and very interested to find more about both characters and….I ‘ll try to explain.

I don’t need to summarize the plot.. the blurb says it all. It’s an amazing blurb and the idea of the plotline is engaging. The problem here was execution. No one had to tell or warn me that I was delving into an erotica storyline. I already know and found out that Jasinda Wilder writes erotica and that these books are completely different from her NA books. I wasn’t expecting poignant and emotional. But, after the Stripped fiasco, I believed she would come up with something under the lines of Wounded, which was erotica with a deep connection and plot.

Alpha in some ways did not disappoint, the story is engaging and gets you hooked from the start; you want to keep reading so you can find out who’s the mystery man, why did he provide for her, etc. Things are revealed methodically, bit by bit, enticing the reader with smoldering, tender and opulent encounters. This man needed to earn Kylie’s trust, he kept his identity hidden from her, therefore she was blindfolded in the beginning, this.. made everything more stimulating. He was an interesting character, so intriguing that I wanted to learn everything about him and, sadly, this did not happen. You get glimpses of his past, of the way he makes his fortune and hints about why he is so reclusive and private.. to the point of mild-paranoia. I expected a darker side, an Alpha with some diverse proclivities.

Don’t get me wrong, he was dominant in the bedroom, super-hot, but, overall he was just a really nice guy, kind of one-dimensional and just too good to be true: Hot, insanely rich, attentive and respectful. The light development of his character did not fit the whole perspective…. I also know a lot of you are loving the book!!! And, there is much to love specially the sexiness and lots of nookie… my feeling about this…. It overshadowed the story.. too much sex and little plot, which I don’t mind in certain books; on this one I would’ve rather had plot.

The story revolves around a secret too, when Kyrie arrives He tells her that he has a secret that will change things and, He would tell her in due time. Yep…. Easy I knew the secret up front since it was just too damn obvious. Also, when she arrives, she learns he’s been watching her for a while and, the stories that are told around that… I don’t know, they somewhat felt forced and a little ridiculous…. Reading time was wasted talking about clothes, brands and long sexual encounters.

My ultimate book peeve evermore present: TIME. He tells her up front he wants her for a year and then poof, everything happens in the span of a week, (and if I am wrong correct me please) maybe a week and a half… I mean see this: she arrives one evening, they are introduced, they talk, they have dinner and poof First Kiss. They finish reading, Kylie retires to her “quarters” and at 2:00 am wakes up to get a beer… second encounter, and they go for a little petting. Breakfast, more petting. In the evening they go to dinner, opera.. heavy petting. He leaves 2 days for work, then returns for more heavy, heavy, heavy petting. One more day and they go sailing, dinner and… poof they have earth shattering amazing sex. They wake up, more sex… breakfast, they realize they are in love, then secret revealed… some drama and… that’s it…. You need to read for the ending ….

I can’t say how sorry I am, maybe I am just too demanding when it comes to authors I follow, but I just felt the book lacking, I wanted more, way more. It was such a promising plotline that I believe it would have been a lot better if it had gone to the dark romance edge adding some sweetness altogether, because it is a formula that also works.

I will not say I don’t recommend the book, you need to read it to judge, but this is my humble opinion and I was kind of disappointed for the last 50% of the book, so 4 stars for the first half, 2 for the last.

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