Contemporary Romance

Review: Phenomenal X

Phenomenal X
Phenomenal X by Michelle A. Valentine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh Dear. This is going to be a though one. 3 stars is being good to the author. … I usually don’t do gifs, but this is worth the effort!

When I think of professional wrestling this is what I see: (because it totally sucks!)

Maybe if I can picture X, this guy would do:

I was expecting more, really…. This book was one cliché after another and I almost made it a DNF.. and then a cliffy….. *yawns*

A naïve girl, 21 years old leaves her controlling father to “live life”. Meets X in plane, X comes to her, girls plays hard to get and constantly doubts herself. X keeps pursuing her, girls keeps thinking she’s is not that pretty, X keeps pushing to be “friends”, girl gets job, X goes to girls job and offers her an assistant job, girls denies job, X was currently banging other assistant, girls gets fired from job and accepts assistant job.

All of this during the span of a week. Then girls goes with X, does nothing regarding job and bangs X. They declare their love some days later (no more than 2 weeks). X has broken past, girl comforts him…. And X does something stupid and cliffy…. *yawns*

I’m sorry… I didn’t like it… Total waste of my precious reading time. Bye Now!!!

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