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Review: The Will

The Will by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kristen Ashley writes sexy.
Kristen Ashley writes cute and tender.
Kristen Ashley writes sweet.
Kristen Ashley writes heartfelt.
Kristen Ashley writes deep.

And when you open a Kristen Ashley book, you don’t just experience it through reading, you feel it completely. Deep, heartfelt, sweet, cute and tender, sexy.

Every time I pick up a new Kristen Ashley book I can’t imagine it getting better, but The Will proved me wrong.

There are many things I like about this book, which are also a KA staple. The family ties and dynamics which are endearing and beautiful. The existing and blooming new friendships that are not only comic relief but also play key parts in the plot development. The alpha males. Yes, it’s plural. There’s not only Jake Spear alpha male with a demanding presence. There’s also man-boy alpha son Conner Spear and miniMe alpha male Ethan who is more cute and adorable than alpha, but he is also a Spear and a Kristen character, so I’m sure he’ll grow into a swooning alpha.

There are many other things I liked, but what I enjoyed the most is the profound, inexorable, unstoppable build of the protagonists’ relationship. Like liquid rock beneath the earth, changing their hearts and lives forever once it solidified.

In short, that is how you feel throughout the entire book, huge, unfathomable sweet, sexy, mega grin and sometimes tearful beauty.

I know so far this says very little about the storyline, but also speaks volumes. For those of you who’ve read her books, you know what I mean. For anyone who’s never read a book from this author, this would be a great introduction. It’s the first in a series, which can be considered as a standalone.

I was hooked right from the start when the main characters, Josephine Malone and James Spear, look sun glass to sun glass and you feel their instant connection.

When Josie travels to Magdalene to go to her beloved grandmother’s funeral, she temporarily leaves behind her famous photographer boss and globetrotting life and is thrust into an unusual and peculiar relationship with Jake. Because when we initially meet a judgmental, stick up her ass, but refined and sophisticated Josephine, paired with no-nonsense, overbearing, commanding, boxing gym and strip club owner Jake, it’s a shock that these two opposites were put together by the machinations of Lydia Spear.

“Mr. Spear…”
“Are you detaining me because you want me to address you by your Christian name?”

His extraordinary, intriguing and striking eyes focused on mine. “Do you talk like that all the time?”
“Like what?”

It turns out though, Josie wears that as a disguise, and underneath she is smart, tender, loving, and cute in a very peculiar way. She is straight forward and handled everything well and with finesse. And it was her day to day vocabulary that made her so funny and endearing. He used words such as: bequeath, largesse, alas, pugilist, prevaricate. Even her thoughts used terms like copulation.

Jake, with all his faults and previous bad decisions, is magnificent, amazing and loving man that put the happiness and protection of his loved ones first and foremost, which included Josie.

I loved that these two are forty something, who have lived, made mistakes and learned. They knew what they wanted and could appreciate what they found in each other. So in getting to know them Kristen Ashley style, we see how they fit together perfectly and fall in love in an incredibly pleasurable way.

”I never wanted anything but you, Jake… and I wanted you before I even knew you. Someone handsome and strong and protective and fierce. You’re everything I ever wanted, darling.”

I highlighted a lot while reading this book. And that’s saying something because this a is long, not shortened down book, and I LOVED every single word of it.

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