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Review: Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1
Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1 by Whitney Gracia Williams

Our rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book should come with a WARNING label: Hot content inside. Reading will cause instant blushing especially if read in public. A nearby available cold drink is suggested before starting this book as well as at least an uninterrupted hour of your time to finish it.

This is probably a rhetorical question and has very little bearing on my review but important for those of you (and by you I mean me – Dali) who have trouble with cliffhangers and unannounced dates for further releases (my OCD tends to like to schedule what books to read). The question: Is it a growing trend amongst authors to write serials? This is the third one I’ve been hooked this year. 

Sorry for the rant, back to this book. It completely took me by surprise. 

Meet Andrew AKA Thoreau. “The one dinner. One night. No repeats ” no friend, sexy as sin asshole you might meet if you checkout Date-Match. You might also meet “Thoreau” through his other online account at LawyerChat, but only if you’re a lawyer or are pre-law student pretending to be one, like “Alyssa.”

They meet online talking about work but develop a sort of friendship that leads to them talking and texting. And after six months Adrew wants to meet her and have her, while she is completely reluctant knowing he has zero tolerance for liars and she’s been lying all along.

What happens when chance and coincidence conspire against them is an explosion of confusion, anger and desire. And then we find out that Alyssa is not the only one that lied. 

And now we wait… Even though I prefer to read series or serials in this case after all the books have come out, this book it really worth the delay. It’s certainly steamy, full of dry humor and crass conversations that I loved, with a depth to Alyssa’s character and a hit of it in Adrew’s case that make for a very interesting plot. Can’t wait for the next one!

Please help stalk the author so we can get it soon, soon, very soon!!! I need this soon!!! LOL

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