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Review: Dominic

Dominic by L.A. Casey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


First of all, we must thank the author for her warning; it really helps understand what you are about to read. If I hadn’t read such warning I probably would have DNF this book… I am glad I didn’t.

Aside from the cussing; the aggressive banter and childish behavior of our characters, they pull through and grow in the end. Both Dominic and Bee had strong personalities and they completely crashed. Bee was completely inexperienced and a very angry girl inside but… I ended up warming to her because under all that batshit-crazy behavior she was strong and kind-hearted.

I had no problems with the accents and all that stuff; I don’t even understand why people are complaining about it. I actually admire the author for being patient and understanding, and trying so hard to make readers comprehend how SHE speaks and were SHE is from. I also read her bio and SHE is young; therefore I strongly believe she actually gave us a true picture of things that go on in Dublin and how a part of Dublin’s society speak, work, behave, etc… Maybe not all of them are like this, but there has to be truth in it; even if someone else is from Ireland and don’t like it,, then maybe they did not came face to face with a part of their own society. I am Mexican, and I hate when Mexico is stereotyped, etc.. But when a Mexican writes about Mexico you see truth even if such truth is not part of your upbringing or where you’re from….

Having said that, I can continue talking about the book. I’m not going to be very thorough, I am just going to pinpoint what I liked and what made me give it hte rating above.

1.- Strong female character with lots of flaws. Her personality was not sugarcoated.
2.- It had it’s funny moments, some of the banter was hilarious.
3.- FIve hot brothers who support and love each other given their circumstances.
4.- Brenna (lovely sister)
5.- Growth in the end
6.- The premise for more books about these hot brothers.
7.- Plot was resolved in order to focus the next stories on personal growth and changes.
8.- A hate to love story..
9.- The brothers past and “jobs”

1.- Characters are too young for my taste… the situations were above and beyond their maturity level…
2.- The fights between Nico and Bee felt like too many… I would have preferred them a couple around 40% on the book. I did get tired at some point; I felt it was just too much drama and hurtful behavior.
3.- Bee was very immature and yes she did and said lots of stupid things.
4.- The kissing booth.. I mean really? That happens??? If I had a daughter and that happened at her school I would so not condone it and I am not a prude.

Overall if you mentally prepare, read the warnings and dive into the story with all of that in your head, it is an enjoyable and good book. It is well written also, I found very few typos here and there and that is huge for a self-pub. Great job, keep writing!!!! L.A. Casey, you give me hope and soon I will be in your shoes.. (and my characters will be in Mexico!!! LET’S KILL STEREOTYPES)

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