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Review: Fall into Forever

Fall into Forever
Fall into Forever by Beth Hyland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 great stars to this fabulous couple. Ivy is one of my all time favorite heroines and Jon, well… “he’s no hero. Not even close. He’s more like a villain with a few redeeming qualities.” And together they’re perfect in this overwhelmingly intriguing and romantic book. I finished it in nearly one sitting because once I started it was hard to put it down. With her debut book, Beth Hyland is on my radar and staying there.

This book is about Ivy, an in the closet demoiselle in distress who won’t let her past rule her future. She’s in a new town, in a different school, she’s focused on her studies and together with her strong character is determined to rebuild her life avoiding the mistakes of her past, and not letting overconfident guys with a temper back into her life. That is until she locks eyes with Jon Priestly.

“He steals my breath, my energy, my very essence.”

With his magnetic and sexy presence, appealing and protective attitude he includes himself in her life because she fascinates him, she deals away with his cocky self leaving him unsure.

“With Ivy, it’s like I’m walking in uncharted territory. Everything is new, different.”

Even though the beginning seemed a bit slow paced in terms of Ivy and Jon getting to know each other, it also made for a believable development of their relationship and introduction to other characters in the book. It still felt like the pages flew by especially every time I reached a new chapter with its wonderful quote that Beth took from multiple and diverse sources giving a sort of prelude to it.

His caring, smart, sensitive and gorgeous awesomeness made it hard not to fall hard for Jon. And like I said before, even with her fears, Ivy was surprisingly mature, no nonsense, that upheld truth and honesty as “the cornerstones of a healthy relationship” with a funny side that saw beyond Jon’s external beauty putting his doubts at ease. And in return Jon picked up on her need to be supported and protected. They both know when to push and when to be patient and were the perfect combination.

Another thing I really liked was that even though Jon had his own fears and insecurities, there was no doubt of his love and devotion to Ivy despite the fact that he pushed her away. He was there for her when she needed it most.

“Trust, it’s the core of everything.”

Between the steamy and swoony romance, and the intrigue of not knowing what happened to Ivy, this book is a scrumptious combination of a delicious bad boy and a resilient, but damaged heroine. A definite must read YA novel.

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