Contemporary Romance

Short sexy read!

Image 3 out of 5 stars

A pretty hot and odd couple they make! A Lily-cat and a mechanic!!!

Lily, a perfectly poised 40 something woman with a career in advertising, exuding confidence, and obviously a control freak!

Raine, a 20 something hot mexican stud mechanic with a juvie past, but with enough experience with being look down upon to actually know a thing or two.

He is a natural dominant, and she is a natural submissive that had to learn to take control, of herself, and her environment, so when he tries to take control of the relationship, she is hesitant to relinquish it, but he can see what she wants, and actually understands her. The problem is if she is ever going to let go, to go after what she wants, instead of going after security!

The whole of the book, is how they are together, it’s a short book, with its amazing parts, it’s sweet parts, and its worrisome parts.

Everything is fine until the end, there is a threesome there, I don’t mind reading about a threesome, the problem here is the way that its achieved, I simply do not see how two guys vieing for the same girl will go to the extreme of sharing her and even kissing only to prove to the other guy or to the girl who is going to win, or to show her who is better, a head to head competition (pun intended).

The book could of done perfectly fine with out this scene, since it seems kind of forced, and kid of out of the blue.

* I received this ARC in exchange of an honest review

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