Contemporary Romance




This book has the same problem as the first one, only for me it was worse… YOU GET HUNGRY!!!! but now you want DESSERT!!!!!

Cara and Shane!!! Nice couple! even though they married within 4 hours of meeting, and they were DRUNK!!!

Cara is as uptight as you can imagine, a controller and manager of people and situations, (which is great for her job) but there is always another side to every coin, a side she hides very well from every one, since she fears the loss of love from her family if they know the truth.

Shane also has a secret! a secret he has carried for a long time! and now is the one thing keeping him from getting everything he has dreamed of,and has always been afraid of getting.

As with the first book in this series, food is quintessential for everything, its woven so intricately that you cannot separate the characters from the food and viceversa!

But in this book, you get a little more of an insight in to the psychology of the characters, since Cara manages an eating disorder, and Shane tries to overcome an abusive father.

Each one has it’s demons, but eventually they find that together the manage not only to live by, but to flourish in the things they do best.

The family, a wonderful clan, is supportive and a great picture of what a family is all about!

This book, could be a five star book if at the end KATE MEADER WOULD PUT UP SOME OF THE MOUTH WATERING RECIPES SHE DESCRIBES!!! 

Kate: consider it!! Please? 

Another great book by Kate Meader! Also funny, witty, sensual and sharp.

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