Contemporary Romance

Hot in the kitchen is definitely correct!!!

heat in the kitchenThere is one BIG PROBLEM with this book: YOU GET HUNGRY!!!!Definitely worth the time to read. Meader has a way with words and situations, that keep you interested through out all the book,even though the end is pretty predictable, the twists and turns in the book generally with food that sounds to die for, keep you glued to the book.Funny situations, witty banter, and did I mention food?? It’s a very enjoyable read!

Jack is a very heavy personality with a lot of magnetism, and with a very busy schedule, but in comes Lili, a completely different girl from which he is accustomed, and turns his live, head, and heart upside down.

Lili, trying to come out on top of the whole family disappointment (that’s in her head) can’t really believe that Jack can actually like her.

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