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Review: Then Came Alexandra

Then Came Alexandra
Then Came Alexandra by E.L. Todd
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A fast and easy read about love, honesty, trust and trying to get a hold of new beginnings but the past keeps getting in the way.

E.L. Todd does a great job of gripping you at the beginning of the story when Alexadra is clearly not wanting to cope with a rather traumatic incident at her place of work and decides to run from it by leaving everything behind and moving with her aunt to her home town.

It’s an intriguing start because we don’t know what happens at her nursing job and there’s added drama revolving her closed off attitude. Because of it, her soon to be ex-boyfriend Paul can’t get past the walls Alex has erected around herself and has been pushing him away. His solution for this is to drown himself in alcohol and keep company with female friends, giving Alex a good excuse to bail on their long term relationship.

While trying to figure out her new purpose and direction in life staying and helping out her aunt Martha, she meets sexy, loyal and very interested Blaise. Who is also keeping his own secrets and has his own life troubles. His biggest concern and secret is having his very unpleasant ex-girlfriend living with him in an effort to help keep her safe from her other ex-boyfriend.

Here’s one of the places where I have trouble with the plot. There are nurses and doctors, farmers and college students, but there seems to be no local police authority to which this on-the-look-for-death-and-vengeance ex-boyfriend could be reported to and solve Blaise’s misery, Alexandra or no Alexandra in the picture.

As we read about Blaise and Alex, phrases like “honesty is the best policy,” “honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom,” “The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty,” keep coming to mind. A friendship and any further relationship is bound to fail without this. And although Alex is open with Blaise about her work incident, she isn’t really owning here faults and mistakes in her past relationship. Blaise is plainly withholding information from her. And together these two made for several eye rolls on my part.

Despite of my issues with the plot and characters I’m really curious to know how the drama unfolds. Because there is added excitement at the end which makes for a very climactic cliffhangery ending.

*** I was given an ARC from the amazing E. L. Todd in exchange for my honest review***

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