Contemporary Romance

Review: Price of a Kiss

Price of a Kiss
Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s funny, sweet and oh so swoony! A wonderful , heartfelt new adult story.

Linda Kage accomplished writing makes the time fly while you’re enjoying these two loveable and endearing characters.
While Reese is funny, witty and strong, Mason is noble, responsible, selfless and a total sweetie, oh! And did I mention he was hot?

”He was hotness exemplified. That was my new name for him, actually: Hoteness”

There was just one problem, he was a gigolo, but that didn’t affect their banter which was terrific; they constantly made me smile and laugh. I practically highlighted the entire book.

”You are so…”
He grinned. “Charming? Handsome? Intriguing?”
“I was going to say confusing.”
“Ahh.” He nodded in an astute manner. “We’ll slot that under intriguing.”

I ached for Mason from the start and was so glad he was given this totally likeable female lead who not only saw his alpha male physical features she got past it and saw his soul which made their relationship all the better.

This book definitely goes to my happy favorites.

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