Review: My French Vanilla

My French Vanilla
My French Vanilla by D.L. Kelly
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A sweet and delightful story of two people that find themselves later in life.

I really want to congratulate D.K. for having the idea and courage to write about and older an couple. It’s refreshing, especially when most of what you see is New Adult.

My French vanilla is about recently divorced Suzy, who in her fifties is planning to enjoy her life and freedom. When she enrolls in a cooking class with her best friend/aunt Jackie, she discovers freedom is for the birds because Suzy and her incredibly attractive teacher Robert, fit together like puzzle pieces from the start.

It is charming and enjoyable insta-lust and love connection between the two. But there are certain things like total trust, I personally don’t give to someone I’ve known for a handful of days. Additionally, I felt Suzy’s reactions were adolescent in a fuck it! YOLO (You only live once) kind of way, that clash with my idea that the older we are the more mature and wiser get. So I had trouble relating with her character.

May be it’s because I still have a few years to go. I do hope that I am that lucky when I get older, especially regarding the sex drive. These two had lots of it and were creative to boot.

Robert was perfectly perfect, perhaps a bit too much in order to be believable. But one can dream.

This book is perfect if you’re in the mood for a light, cute and sexy read. It’s not a short story or novella but it’s short enough to be read in one or two sittings during your weekend.

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