Review: Full Measures

Full Measures
Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 -4 stars

This book was sweet, tender and provided a swoon worthy hockey player! It is 100% New Adult so it was sexy but not over-the top smutty like other NA titles out there.

A story about acceptance and the strength we need to overcome fears and change our life plans, so real and true love can ultimately be embraced.

December is sweet young girl in college. She has her life planned out: a gorgeous boyfriend who she wants to marry, a career path in art, everything is planned out to the last detail. She is on summer break when the dreadful knock on the door comes to shatter her family. Her Dad is in the military and he is DOA. She swears she will not end up like her Mom and grows a bitter distaste for the military.

Enter, Josh Walker, hockey player and coach o pewee league, were December’s little brother plays. He was popular in high school and December had a huge crush on him, along with many other girls. He enters her life in that sad moment and becomes her “whatever”.

Josh was utterly sweet; December ends up as his next door neighbor and they go back and forth until she gives. They fall for each other hard but things are not easy when December finds out Josh was keeping something very important from her.

“Please fight for this, Ember. We are worth the fight. I love you, and that’s something I’ve never said to any girl. I love you more than hockey, or the air I breathe. You love me, too!”

December has to overcome her fears and accept what’s in front of her. I sometimes felt she was a little immature, but I got her, I understood her. She took long enough to accept Josh without reservations.

The writing was very good, it kept me interested until near the end were I had the unnerving urge to slap ember and skim pages to very end 
I will read more from this author. Hopefully we will get a book on Jagger!! Yum!

“Just let me love you, December, because I can’t stop anyways. I’ve been at your mercy since I was eighteen.”

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