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Review: On the Fly

On the Fly
On the Fly by Catherine Gayle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Trust. Can we function as individuals and as a society without it? On the fly is a gripping story about a woman trying to trust a man in a world that has only let her down and a man trying to trust himself in order to get and hold on to what he wants.

Catherine has a way of writing that will pull you into her characters’ lives from the start. She deals with a very real although difficult subject that had me fighting back tears of anger, frustration, understanding of a mother’s need to protect her children and regrettably being powerless to do so sometimes.

She writes characters that are very relatable and a story that has just the right pace with a very real development of a relationship between two people that are good for each other.

Rachel and Brenden meet while he fights to keep his place on the team and Rachel to keep her family afloat.

I fell in love with Brenden’s gentle and not so gentle persuasion and determination to be part of Rachel’s life and achieve his professional goals. I understood Rachel’s reluctance to let go of her fears and admired her strength and resolve to give her kids the best life possible.

I wanted her to trust me. I wanted her to believe that she and her kids were safe with me. I wanted to kiss away all the tension and fear keeping her from letting me in ~Brenden

“People in my life have always let me down, hey break their promises, they push me away when I need help, or they become something far worse than I even imagined. It’s what I expect, so I don’t know what to do with you. I keep waiting on you to be like everyone else.” ~ Rachel

You can’t help but fall in love with the secondary chars, from Rachel’s kids, Brenden’s family (who made me laughing hysterically with their matchmaking antics), all the players and their wives and kids, and especially Babs.

The story is filled with action packed excitement during the incredibly well described games. It feels like you’re skating and playing right along these amazing athletes. It’s great even if you’re not a hockey connoisseur like me.

The book is written in dual points of view, so you get a better understanding of both character’s mindset. It could be read as a standalone, but I strongly suggest it be read in order after Breakaway.

I can’t wait for the Seduced by the Game release. Which is an anthology of hockey romance novellas. Proceeds for a year will be donated to Hockey Fights Cancer and guess who Catherine’s novella is about? YES non other than Jamie Babcock and Katie Weber.

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