Review: The Hunted One

The Hunted One
The Hunted One by Meg Collett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars Buying Link: http://amzn.to/1dVnaiZ

A very interesting and well written novel about a very dysfunctional Heaven. This book is so vivid I felt shivers all around at times.

A friend recently said “religion is like a penis. It’s ok to have one. It’s ok to be proud of it. It’s not ok to try to shove it down my throat.” My issue is I consider myself somewhat religious. I’m not trying to shove it down anyone’s throat, it was just difficult for me at the beginning to get past my preconceived philosophy about heaven and angels. It also didn’t help me that this is the first book I’ve read that is mainly about these two concepts. But once I got past this and I was conscious I was reading a paranormal novel I started to get into the story, even though this is not a romance.

Like I said at the beginning, this book is about a very dysfunctional Heaven. Greed, mistrust, anger, revenge and a terrible lack of communication fuel problems for everyone but most especially the General Archangel Michaela, who I found to be the opposite of. When I think in terms of war and general I associate him or her as a leader, someone who has courage, is self-confident, among others. But Michaela was all over the place. Feeling guilty, being dense, doubting every decision, not communicating effectively or efficiently with anyone, trusting in rumor, not even wanting to fight.

But there was also Clark, who even drunk was funny, loyal and just knew something needed to be done. He had her back, was her friend and pushed her in the right direction when needed.
And oh Gabe! I hope you get happiness after the hardships you’ve endured!

So if you are looking for an action packed, very descriptive and detailed (even scary and gruesome) story about a subgroup of selfish angels too greedy to care about us mortals but at least one semi-tired and broken angel determined to fight for what’s right with a pink haired, snarky 1/4 Nephilim side kick and a bunch of other Nephlim at her back, then this is a good book for you.

Quick fact check list:

Multiple POV? Yes. It was very well constructed, I never got confused while reading and always knew what point of view I was reading.

Does it end with a cliffy? Yes it does! But it’s ok, because after all the Michaela pity parties and self doubt she threw our way, she finally decided she was worthy, she didn’t regret making the tough choices and she wasn’t giving up. So we’re left with an unresolved ending but curious to see how it will unfold.

Does it have a HEA? No, since it ends with a cliffhanger there is no happily ever after between Gabe and Michaela. I won’t spoil you, but things look bleak in almost every front.

Note: This book was given by the author for an honest review.

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