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Review: Lovely Trigger

Lovely Trigger
Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley
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Ms. Lilley You are the bomb! Tristan and Danika’s journey was sweet, nostalgic, sexy, heart-warming, heart-wrenching and simply amazing. I love these two, end of story!!!

A beautiful ending for an amazing love story that will forever be embedded in my heart.

This book begins describing each year in the time gaps between the events that separate T&D and, the time when they star acknowledging each other again. These descriptions come from both their POV’s and we get glimpses of the healing process each of them endured for six years. They were both living healthy lives, but hadn’t found love and true happiness; as they were each other’s half. Danika just picked up the pieces of her life; Tristan began to pave a new path for his.

“Love doesn’t let you walk away clean. Love is messy. Love takes a fucking piece of you before it’s done.”

I adored how Tristan engaged Danika, the way he started approaching her, to corner her until she caved to the undeniable chemistry they once shared. It was all there, succumbing to desire was inevitable, and the harbored feelings she had for Tristan just poured out of her soul in order to consume her, even after all the bad that happened to her and between them. Tristan also played dirty, and it was hilarious… nosy bastard!!!

“I meant to break her.
Needed to break her.

Whether it be with deceit, subterfuge, cold calculation, or sheer will power alone, I was set in my course.

She’d built a wall up against me. A wall that seemed to me to be interwoven in to her very soul.

For years, I thought that wall was impregnable. But a few words, a few brief encounters had shown me that the wall wasn’t stone, but glass.”

The side of Tristan we get to see on this book is just swoon worthy material. He was funny, endearing, relentless, sweet, possessive, kinky, and beautiful and, to top all that he still sings and keeps the “Magic Hands” handy (how can we forget, and now those pay the bills).

“Mine, my lips told her…
Mine, my body told her, as I pinned her to the wall…
Mine, my heart cried out to her.”

I still feel Danika is a great heroine. During this book she got a little on my nerves because I would have wanted her to be more open to talk about the past; it easier to start letting go if you can actually open up, confront it and move on. In the end I completely understood were, she was coming from but she sure as hell gave a good fight against her traitorous body and heart.

We also got a good dose of sexy times between them!!! T&D style of course, the crazy public couplings, the quickies, their tender encounters, the kink!! I loved every word and you end up so familiarized with the way these two work, that you actually know beforehand what’s coming (or who for that matter)

“We were rushing headlong into this lunacy, and I could worry about the mess we made later.”

The story also had it’s fair share of third party induced drama. You get a bitch from hell bothering our adorable couple; she couldn’t get a hint but Tristan behaved accordingly, in fact, I think he could have be an ass about it but he wasn’t; he handled the situation like a champ.

They share, they find their friendship again, they come together again in a collision of longing desire and love, and it was just beautiful. One thing I need to say is, R.K. Lilley does one hell of a job to bring tear to my eyes…. 2 proposals from different series and I cried during both of them… if Tristan had me, in the end I fell for him hard!

“You were not responsible for making me worse. But I’ll tell you one thing, it’s a fact that you were responsible for making me better.”


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